Watch These Movies!

I’ve seen a few movies recently that I thought I’d recommend:

In Theaters:  The Help – We had a little Litwits meetup last weekend to see this movie and it did not disappoint!  Be prepared to furiously fight back tears.

On DVD/On Demand – Jane Eyre (the newest one) – I love all film adaptations of my favorite novels, for better or worse, but I really liked this atmospheric take on Jane’s story.  I even appreciated the changes.  If you’ve ever wanted to read the book, but can’t force yourself through Bronte’s prose, by all means, watch the movies!  The same goes for Austen as well – and Shakespeare.

On DVD/On Demand – A Single Man starring Colin Firth – what a beautiful movie about the turmoil a British English professor living in 1962 Los Angeles faces after the death of his lover whom he was with for 16 years.  After his partner dies in a car crash, Firth’s character isn’t even allowed to attend the funeral since, you know, his partner was male and the family didn’t approve.  Now our dear, depressed Colin has decided to kill himself and we journey with him on this last of days as he makes all the preparations for death and relives some of his favorite memories while simultaneously seeing the beauty of life all around him.  Poignant and intoxicating – a true love story.  Plus, there’s a lot of male nudity if you like that kind of thing! 😉

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