August Meetup: The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly

Today’s meetup was for The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly.  For those who weren’t able to read the book, the gist of the story involves a defense attorney who must defend a rich, spoiled brat who is accused of beating and raping a prostitute.  This novel is a legal thriller that’s plot is fast-paced with bits of twisty surprises along the way.

In general, the Litwits approved!  Everyone liked the story, liked the twists, and even loved Mickey Haller the main character who could possibly be viewed as a sleazy defense attorney out to make money keeping criminals on the street.  Instead, Mickey turns out to be a pretty bad ass lawyer and all-around good guy.  I mean, if his two ex-wives still love him and keep him in their lives, he really can’t be that bad of a man, right?

We also discussed whether or not Roulet had been the guy committing all the rapes of real estate agents around when his mom was allegedly attacked.  I think there was some confusion as to how many of these crimes he was guilty of – many readers might have even been led to believe he had raped his own mother.  I personally believe he committed the other rapes/murders and that his mother had never been attacked – her story was created in order to protect her son.  I also believe that her particular brand of serial killer crazy was inherited by her darling, demented boy.

Roulet’s motivation in hiring Haller as his lawyer was also interesting.   Did he hire Mick  because he got Jesus off of death row?  To protect himself with the client confidentiality law?  To play with Mick’s head and boast about his murders?  All could be possibilities.

The group talked of myriad other topics such as the plentiful amount of crime/mystery programs – both real and fiction, the dangers of motorcycles and bicycles on the crazy streets of Atlanta, and the unfortunate closing of Borders.  After the meetup, I got in my car to visit the Borders on Ponce – but it had closed at 7 pm.  Will definitely be journeying there tomorrow – 50-70% off the entire store!

We came up with a list of websites to obtain free books/audio books:

The above websites and many more cater to books available on the public domain.  That means books published before 1923 – with some later exceptions (pre-1977) – that have outlived their copyrights.  Also, if you have a Kindle – Amazon offers a daily deal download everyday that significantly discounts popular eBook fiction.  I just downloaded Elizabeth Street for $1.99 and today’s selection was The Lincoln Lawyer (how appropriate!) for $2.99.

After our discussion, several ladies stuck around to watch the movie starring Matthew McConaughay.  We concluded that the film was okay – felt a bit rushed (as film adaptations often do) and that the changes to the end were a bit off putting.  The book is better, folks!  I, personally, really appreciated the cinematography of the movie – some of the shots are downright beautiful and the use of mirrors was well-played.

One major question (the pseudo-feminist in me must ask), why make the judge a man in the movie?

Another successful Litwits adventure completed!  Next month, we’ll be reading The Piano Teacher and celebrating our one year anniversary (September 18!).  I look forward to seeing everyone there!

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