More Movie Suggestions!

I had this whole, long, great post about the movies I’ve watched typed up – and then my browser stalled and I lost everything!  Basically, I am now a very unstable anger-ball and will just be telling everyone to watch these three movies as they are awesome.

The Boys Are Back – Clive Owen is beautiful.  Death is ugly and sad.  Being a single dad to two boys is tough stuff – especially when you decide to resemble gypsies rather than proper civilized people.  These kids will grow up to be the most well-adjusted adults EVER.

The Switch – I adore the quietness of Jason Bateman’s performance.  Jennifer Aniston is a favorite.  But the kid in this movie – Thomas Robinson – is so precious it literally hurts.  Screw the critics.

Source Code – Jake Gyllenhaal (do I need to say anything  more?).  A movie as perplexing in nature as Inception, but better (this is obviously my opinion and could be born from the fact that I loathe Leonardo).

Finally, a movie I don’t recommend – 127 Hours.  I know the story is super inspiring and all that – but the whole time you are just sitting there watching a guy stuck under a rock and waiting for the last 5 minutes of the movie where he cuts his arm off.  Sorry James Franco – I couldn’t even muster up a picture.

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