Member Spotlight: Melissa!

Earliest Reading Memory:

I remember reading Cat in the Hat over and over with my mom. I still know some of the lines by heart! I also loved anything by Richard Scarry and Wacky Wednesday was one of my other favorites. The first non-cartoon book I remember reading was a Fudge book by Judy Blume; I think it was Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. 

My favorite kind of books to read:

Chick Lit (especially British or Irish), books about ESP/Mediumship (made up that word on the spot!), books about dogs (both fiction and non), mysteries (but not scary ones) and books that take place during WWII.

Other Passions:

My husband, my dog, the beach, music, computer games, reading (oh, I forgot, I wasn’t supposed to mention that one!), travel, shopping

Favorite Restaurants:

I don’t really have any. It depends on my mood. Current regular spots are Thaicoon, Melton’s App&Tap, Brickstore Pub and Bambinellis

If I could get on a plane to anywhere:

Probably back to Italy… We’ve been to Rome and Venice, but I still want to go to the Amalfi coast, Florence and the little villages along the way. I loved the food, the feeling and the Italian-ness of it all 🙂 If I couldn’t go there though, it would be France (Paris, the Southern coast, wherever!). Or Israel. Or London. Or Costa Rica. I’m sorry, I’m not very good at making decisions!


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