Taking the Litwits into 2012!

While I realize that it’s only October 2011, some exciting things are being planned for the new year!  We want to take a great book club and make it SPECTACULAR!  One of the first things we plan to do is get our members more involved!

Here’s the deal:  A couple of months ago, I emailed the 8 members who attended our very first meetup back in September 2010 and have loyally participated ever since.  This email thanked them kindly for their devotion and rewarded them with a new voting system to be unrolled in 2012.  We’ll still be voting on 4 books each month, but this time around one of the 8 members will be selecting the four books we vote on.  This way, our longest loyal members get more of a say in what we read, and our newer loyal members still get to vote and make the ultimate decision.  Such a win-win.  Super thanks to Victoria for helping devise this plan!

The other four months will be randomly selected novels as usual.  In 2013, we’ll choose a new selection of ladies to do the choosing – incentive for y’all to stick around!  As always, anyone can add/nominate a book to add to our list we randomly select titles from – just email me, post something on the meetup site, or voice your opinion right here on the blog!

Other ideas are in the works as well.  We’re talking over things like more group outings, Litwits merchandise, and ways to jazz up the conversation!  If you have any ideas, wishes, or comments – please let us know about them!

Side note:  I totally have a thing for owls…especially when they are reading and look slightly pissed off.  You know you do too, don’t lie!


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