Member Spotlight: Bianca!

What is your earliest (approx.) reading memory? 

Reading a whole book to my parents! I distinctly remember the book had a purple cover and it was about a bird who ate too much during the summer, so he couldn’t fly south with his friends because he was too fat. He spent the winter hopping around, scrounging for food, thus he lost weight and was able to fly just in time for spring. All his friends came back and they had a nice summer together and he vowed not to eat too much ever again. The End.
What are your favorite kinds of books to read?
I love reading books that transport you to wherever
the book takes place. I love feeling so engrossed in a book that during the day I wonder what the characters are up to, or feeling like this day is weird because it’s real life and not at all what is happening in the book. I love dramas. Anything by Jodi Picoult, I LOOOOOOOVE, talk about intense!!
Other than your passion for books, what should members know about you?
I also have a passion for food that I didn’t cook and LOVE getting dressed up and going to new restaurants and old faves. I’m also obsessed with Groupon and Scoutmob and try to find new places through there, since I’m not a millionaire.
Also, I’m planning my wedding for May and loving every second of it!!
Name your favorite restaurant in the Atlanta area (or two or three!).
ONE Midtown Kitchen
TWO Urban Licks
Sushi House in Buckhead
Cafe Intermezzo (for dessert and drinks)
Urban Flats is my new fave
The Grape
Clearly I can go on and on and on…
If you could get on a plane bound for anywhere tomorrow, where would you go and why?
In this moment, it would be Bora Bora, because we just watched the end of XXX (Vin Diesel is totally by guilty pleasure!) last night and at the end they go to Bora Bora and it looks sooo amazingly luxurious and relaxing…
Aside from that, I don’t think I could pick just one place. I really want to go to New Zealand, Thailand, Greece, Japan, Costa Rica and the DR, I would also love to go back to Spain and Italy.
Although if I was seriously handed a ticket tomorrow, I may have to be lame and say San Antonio, because I haven’t seen my parents since Easter and there is LOTS of wedding planning to do out there!! 🙂

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