Member Spotlight: Kelley!

Earliest reading memory:
It would have to be when I was in elementary school (not sure what age I was) when my mother would take me and my older brother to the public library and we would stock up on books for the summer. I would get, maybe 15 books! Or however much the library allowed me to take home at one time. It was a summer tradition. As soon as school let out, off to the library we went. I loved those trips. šŸ™‚
Favorite kinds of books:
Hmm, this is a toughie. I love fantasy, supernatural, historical, chick-lit, mystery, horror, humor…that’s about it, I think.
Members should know:
That I love the TV show, Supernatural. Jared Padalecki, my future husband. I don’t care if he’s already married…I have faith that we will eventually meet one day and he will fall in love with me on first sight šŸ˜‰ Usually, if plans conflict with a new episode of Supernatural, I’ll cancel plans and settle in to watch my favorite show. Which…is actually kind of pathetic, but oh well.
Favorite restaurant in the Atlanta area:
Uhh…this is a hard one simply because I don’t really go out to eat (broke college grad) and I’m relatively new to the Atlanta area. Plus I’m a picky eater so yeah, that makes it difficult. BUT I will say that since I moved to Dunwoody, I have come across one restaurant in Sandy Springs that I absolutely love. It’s called Roasters and I’m sure y’all already know of it but I had never heard of it until I moved here haha.
Plane bound for anywhere:
I would go to Ireland. My brother went to Ireland for a few weeks duringĀ his senior year
of collegeĀ and he fell in love with the place. And once he told me stories about it and showed me pictures, I also want to go there. The landscape is absolutely breathtaking! Plus, Irish accents, simply awesome according to my brother. I need to win the lottery now so I can go…sigh. Maybe one day!

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