Member Spotlight: Jenn!

What is your earliest (approx.) reading memory? 

My earliest reading memory was when I was little girl and I had a touch and feel book about a cat who lost its blanket. For some reason, I absolutely loved that book.

What are your favorite kinds of books to read?

I really enjoy historical books or historical fiction books that portray a certain era accurately. I could also curl up with the latest chick-drama-filled novel and enjoy it just as much 🙂

Other than your passion for books, what should members know about you?

I love adventures! I absolutely love to go camping, snorkeling, snowboarding, hiking, rafting, canoeing, you name it. I also love to travel, even though that’s kind of on hault while I finish my schooling. After I get my degree I plan on moving to Seattle, so if anyone has any experience with that area, any information is more than welcome!

Name your favorite restaurant in the Atlanta area (or two or three!).

I have SO many favorites since the boyfriend and I try to visit a new restaurant whenever we go out. I absolutely love Brick Store, Porter, Leon’s full service, Twains, and Saint Augustines for their beer menu. Just recently I discovered Entico, which is an authentic italian pizzeria and it was fantastic. Farmburger has outrageously delicious burgers and parmesan fries. El Myr has a really affordable menu and amazing pork tacos. Front Page News, Panchos, and Six Feet Under have some of my favorite outdoor seating options. Last but not least, my favorite brunch spots are Ria’s Bluebird, Homegrown, and the Highland Bakery. I told you, I LOVE going to new restaurants!

If you could get on a plane bound for anywhere tomorrow, where would you go and why?

I would go to Kenya! I’ve been itching to go on a true African safari and really seeing all the animals in their natural habitat. I am so enthralled with animals (I have 3 animal tattoos and have plans for many more) and it would be such a unique experience. Maybe I’ll go with Koraline when she’s old enough to appreciate it!

One thought on “Member Spotlight: Jenn!

  1. Jenn! Your member spotlight and picture are great. I actually lived in Vancouver for seven years and spent some time in Seattle. And recently, I decided to write a travel article for the blog about my time living there and all the amazing things there are to do…especially if you’re outdoorsy. British Columbia is the best place to be outdoorsy in the whole world! And it’s only four hours from Seattle!

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