All the Dirt on Book Club Sundays!

In a few hours, many of Atlanta’s finest (Hi Litwits!) will descend upon my abode with their sweet offerings of snacks and desserts.  We’ll cozy up in the living room, eat a little, talk a little, and then give some much deserved love to The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.  I’m both thrilled and excited that the Litwits have continued to meet and get to know one another for over a year and I can’t wait to see everyone this afternoon!  But…

Yes, there’s always a but.

I hate cleaning the house.  Loathe and detest.  Which is why I don’t do it much (besides the bathrooms and kitchen) and then it all piles up until I feel extremely overwhelmed.  Nobody’s fault but my own.  Either my husband or I will decide we just can’t take it anymore and we’ll finally get around to removing the dirt mountains from at least one level of our house.  Most times, these purgings take place on book club Sundays since people are actually going to see into the whale’s belly.

Today, for instance, was the first downstairs vacuuming since we took down Christmas.  You should have seen the piles of Christmas tree needles scattered across the floor.  I’m shocked my dogs haven’t eaten them by now.  Which brings me to another point – dogs.  My dogs have decided in the past couple of years that seasonal shedding requires far too much starting and stopping and have consequently decided to forego the stopping bit.  My house is a 24/7 western flick with all the hair tumbleweeds that blow through.

But now that the house (or really, the downstairs) has that shiny new feeling again, I’m shrouded in a cloud of cleanliness bliss.  This bliss may only last until the first time one of my dogs decides to scratch, but I’ll enjoy it until then.

Side note:  This post was entirely for my own sanity.  I needed to vent.  Now I can get down to the stuff I love about book club – the BOOKS, the camaraderie, and the wine.  See y’all at 4!

2 thoughts on “All the Dirt on Book Club Sundays!

  1. We put the cleaning off when we can too! I realized last year that I needed to clean more often when, upon telling the kids we needed to clean one of them said, “Who’s coming to visit us?” Because that was the main time when we would scramble around and clean like mad. 🙂

    • I think this is a common issue among many households which makes me feel much more normal. Of course, as soon as I finished writing this post and headed back downstairs the dog hair had gone mad again. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel as if there is a point to the whole cleaning exercise.

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