The Sunday Salon: A Reading Crash

Looking back on this week, I didn’t actually read all that much.  I only finished two books, one of which was an audio book I’d been listening to since mid-January. Not sure what happened – I think I’m just crashing after my reading high during January.  There was no way I was going to keep that pace up anyway.  The two books I finished will both be reviewed this week – Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare and First You Try Everything by Jane McCafferty.

I’m currently reading The Art of Fielding for book club in a couple of weeks.  I had planned on finishing it today, but don’t see that happening unless I do nothing else but read – highly unlikely.  As I type this, I’m not even half way through and there are 512 pages.

Friday night Jimmy and I went out for dinner and a movie.  We spent close to an hour trying to decide what to see and ultimately landed on The Grey starting Liam Neeson.

It’s a survival movie pitting man against nature in the frozen Alaskan wilderness after a violent plane crash.  Liam Neeson plays a tortured soul and reluctant leader of a group of hardened laborers stranded after the crash and being systematically hunted and killed by a pack of wolves.  Sounds bleak, right?  Actually, the movie is extremely spiritual and has a large overarching Christian message and tons of religious symbolism – which completely surprised me.  Jimmy and I both enjoyed the film and recommend it (no matter if you’re into the religious thing or not) – but a word of warning, there are plenty of truly frightful moments and a good bit of gore from both wolf and human slaughtering.  If you can stomach all that, you’ll find a movie filled with hope – such odd bedfellows.

And lastly, I thought I’d post a little picture of where all the reading magic happens in my house.  My reading nook might be my favorite place on Earth.  One day I hope to flank the fireplace with beautiful built-in bookcases.  For now, I have one IKEA bookcase that houses all of my TBR books (or most of them) snuggled into the far side recess – it’s hidden in the picture.  No one needs to know how many TBR books I have – trust me!

10 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: A Reading Crash

  1. I adore your reading nook. I would choose the same color and that light fixture is TO DIE FOR.

    I’m curious to know what you thought of Clockwork Angel. A grad school buddy and I were discussing the possibility of reading it yesterday.

    • Green is my favorite color and couldn’t imagine my bedroom being painted any other shade. I’m glad my husband indulges my whims without a fuss. The light fixture was a crafting project from Pinterest – the clothespin light. A ton of fun to make and gorgeous – such a conversation starter.

      Clockwork Angel post will be up tomorrow morning!

    • I have two fireplaces that I want to flank with bookish shelves – of course, I might have to win the lottery first, but one can dream! I also would love to have a whole room devoted to being a library of sorts.

      The Grey’s gore factor was less than a horror film, but greater than most movies. Liam Neeson was fantastic though – as he always is.

  2. That is a very cute reading nook. My husband and I saw The Grey this week as well. It was definitely different than I thought it was going to be, and I did like it a little more than I thought it would. There were some parts that were bothersomely unrealistic though. I’ll look forward to your thoughts on The Art of Fielding.

    • I agree that some parts were very unrealistic, but since I went in expecting to hate the movie they didn’t bother me so much. Funny how expectations matter so much.

  3. I have dreams of a reading nook. One of these days I will set myself up with one. Right now, I’m happy to read wherever I can get comfy, normally with my German Shepherd snuggled up next to me (as he is right now).

    What you’ve said about The Grey has intrigued me and scared me. I’m not sure if I’m tough enough to handle it but then it sounds so good… I’ll run it by the husband and if he wants to see it then I will toughen up 😉

    • This is my first reading nook and I’m totally in love. My dogs cuddle up with me as well – sometimes I read to them (they think I’m crazy).

      I think the movie is worth a watch and you can always kind of half watch the messy bits.

    • Thanks – we love our fixture as well and it’s super easy to make!

      First You Try Everything was shockingly good and that took me by complete surprise. Check it out!

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