TSS: Blog Hop Giveaways and Birthday Celebrations!

Happy Sunday, dear readers!  I hope everyone had a pleasant week or at least a relaxing weekend.  Things here have been quiet.  Valentine’s Day came and went with barely a whimper although the Hubs was generous enough to buy some excellent Belgium chocolate that we shared and some bath goodies that I love.  This next week begins my week long birthday celebration!!!  I’m giving myself a whole week this year because for the past 4 years I’ve worked 80 weeks during February and have been unable to celebrate due to exhaustion.  Yay for having my life back!

Later today is another glorious Litwits meeting!  We’ll be discussing Chad Harbach’s The Art of Fielding which was superb in my opinion, but more on that in the discussion wrap up post tomorrow.

Yesterday marked the beginning of the Literary Giveaway Blog Hop hosted by Judith at Leeswammes’ Blog. Nearly 60 blogs are hosting giveaways and invite you to visit, spend some time on their blogs, and win free books! Check out my post here for your chance to win The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and links to all the participating blogs.  Giveaways end February 22.

My reading week has been pretty successful.  I finished three books and bought several more which has to stop.  I’ve temporarily placed myself on a book buying ban – we’ll see how long that lasts.  This week I’ll be snuggling up with Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides, and Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.  What will you be reading?

Friday night I stayed up far too late marathoning Downton Abbey Season 2 in preparation for the season finale tonight.  And then I proceeded to spoil myself on what happens because I have no willpower.  Still excited!



10 thoughts on “TSS: Blog Hop Giveaways and Birthday Celebrations!

  1. I love Downton Abbey. I haven’t watched Season 2 yet, I’ve taped all episodes and after tonight’s finale will sit down to a Downton Abbey marathon this week!

    Happy early Birthday! A week celebration sounds like a great way to make up for the last few years! Enjoy it!

    • You will love Season 2 – so many exciting things happen. And thanks for the birthday wishes – stoked to actually enjoy my birthday this year!

    • I watched Downton Abbey season one on Amazon and then watched season two on the my PBS channel’s website for free.

      I love Jeffrey Eugenides so very much so I’m looking forward to TMP!

    • Rereading is something I enjoy immensely. I love finding new things in novels I adore. But buying new shiny books definitely has its appeal as well.

  2. I need to do a Downton marathon, but it means waiting for the DVDs to get into my library system before I can watch. While I do get PBS, I can’t watch them online, unless I go south and find a place where I can get a wifi signal (guess I need to find the closest 24-hour Starbucks and get me some coffee!), but in the meantime I can just watch on my TV while tweet away!

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