Wordless Wednesday: Thomasville, GA – The Hometown!

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TSS: So Long, Cable!

Yep – I’m ditching cable television.  For good.  I’ve gone without cable many times over the years and never actually missed it.  I mean, the couple of shows I’m loyal to are available for free on their respective websites.  For other shows, such as Mad Men and True Blood, buying a season pass online is so much cheaper than the $100 cable bill every month.

I’ve just found myself very disheartened with the lack of substance in television these days.  I loathe and despise reality tv.  And I’ve even ditched half the shows I used to be loyal to because they’ve grown ridiculous and should have been cancelled YEARS ago.  I miss the days of Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars.

Nothing much else going on this fabulous Sunday morning.  The dogs wouldn’t let me sleep in which is nothing new.  The HUBS is still snoring away.  I bought my tickets to The Hunger Games – not the midnight showing, but rather a Saturday evening viewing that many fellow Litwits will be attending as well.

As for my reading, I’m definitely in a slump.  I don’t think I finished a single book last week.  I’m halfway through Beautiful Creatures and have started a couple of others, but nothing is compelling me to keep reading.  I don’t blame the books; I blame myself.  Just haven’t been in the mood to read lately.  Burned out.  This always happens to me when the weather starts to turn warm!

Anywhoosie – have a fabulous Sunday!