Happy Drunk Accountant’s Day!

That’s right, folks!  Tonight hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of accountants across the country will be drinking their weight in alcohol.  Young – old – doesn’t matter:  tonight they are all 21-year-old kids looking for a good time and to blow off a lot of steam.  Be on the look out – hide your kids, hide your pets, hide your bottles of alcohol because this shiz is going to get serious!

For those who don’t know, I’m a CPA.  And while I’m not currently practicing, for the past three years I was a public accountant working as an auditor in the real estate business.  THIS MEANS I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT TAXES.  Yes, some accountants don’t do taxes.  Anyway, for public accountants tax season (busy season) is four months of straight-up hell.  We drag ourselves to work post-Christmas knowing that we won’t see daylight again until tax deadline.  In the office by 8 am – crawling back home around midnight (or later if you’re my husband).  Night after night.  We get a brief reprieve on Sundays, but let’s be honest – most CPAs are working Sundays as well.

And then comes April 15th (or 16th) when the madness stops and accountants emerge into the daylight.  Our companies find the nearest, nicest, most adequate of drinking holes and we run, blinded by the sun, for liquid relief.  It’s a really scary sight, but simultaneously hilarious.

Above Picture:  Simone and I – Let Down Party 2009

So, if you know any CPAs – wish them a happy Let Down and thank them for their service!

6 thoughts on “Happy Drunk Accountant’s Day!

  1. Too funny – I’ve never heard of Drunk Accountants’ Day but used to have really cool poster that siad “My Life was Accounting, then I Discovered Smirnoff). I stopped practising accoutning years ago and sol the poster on eBay LOL

    • I totally made up the name! We actually call it Let Down. That poster sounds amazing and like a really awesome present for my husband. I’m not currently working as an accountant either, but will more than likely return to the fold soon.

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