Because I Failed…

What did I fail at?  Writing my A Game of Thrones ‘review’.  It was meant to be up today, but the weekend got really busy.  Also, there might have been a Lost marathon happening at my house to distract me.

In the meantime, I’ve been dealing with some frustration over searching out book descriptions.  Normally, Goodreads is awesome for this, but not always when it comes to classic literature.  I was creating the voting survey for the Litwits and needed a synopsis for A Passage to India.  You’d think that would be easy to find.  Amazon gives you practically the whole novel, Goodreads gives you next to nothing, and several other bookish sites just kind of expect you to know what the book is about since it’s so famous.  I’ve found this to be the case with many famous titles.  Either they write a couple of cryptic sentences or just go ahead and spoil the entire story.  What is up with that?

Anywhoosie, how is World Book Night going for those who are participating?  Most of my books (Ender’s Game!!!) have been pre-destined for spaces in classroom libraries of some teachers I know.  I did try to give away a couple of copies at the gas station and the next-door McDonalds.  I was refused three times in a row!!!!  People looked at me like I was giving away bombs or poison.  Oh well.  All of my books will find worthy homes!


6 thoughts on “Because I Failed…

  1. I gave away books last night too, and was planning on writing a post about some of the reactions I received. Lets just say they weren’t always positive! It’s weird. I don’t think people are used to getting things for free, or people being nice to them for no reason. It’s sad, really.

    • I feel like we live in a world now where face-to-face interaction is frowned upon and deemed dangerous. Maybe we should approach people through facebook first. So sad.

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