The Avengers: A Must See Movie


Seriously – Must. See.  I’m not a comic book geek, honest.  Not because I dislike them, but because I would never stop reading once I started.  No room left in my life for new obsessions.  So I depend on film versions to get my superhero fix. And Joss Whedon has done the impossible by making The Avengers one of the best, most entertaining movies I have seen in years.  Not that I expected any less.  I do, after all, own a ‘Whedonist’ t-shirt.

What does this movie get right?  The pacing is perfect.  Sometimes these movies can overstay their welcome, especially when they have running times exceeding 2 hours.  But honestly, I’d have stayed in this world with these characters all night.  I never wanted it to end.  I had fun from beginning to end with no slow spots.

Each superhero (besides maybe Hawkeye, but for good reason) is expertly handled and given equal importance throughout the movie.  I will say that the character development wasn’t the movie’s strong point, but how could it be with so many characters?  Instead, Whedon does a fantastic job at making each hero feel relevant and smart.  We may not get super in depth with their story lines, but we know they are three dimensional characters with complex back stories and motivations.  I’m perfectly fine with leaving those stories for their individual films.  Kudos, as well, to all the actors who did a superb job making their particular characters all very human.

The Hulk steals the show.  Joss Whedon has done what no one before him (in recent memory) has managed to do.  Enhanced by Mark Ruffalo’s amazing performance,  the Hulk is no longer the red-headed stepchild.  Everyone left the theater gushing about the Hulk.  Give this man his own movie, pronto!!

The dialog is just spot on.  And hilarious.  Some think the movie filled with too many quips, but I don’t see the flaw in a laughing, happy audience.  We have Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies for dark and serious.

Joss Whedon writes the best female characters ever.  Loved Black Widow.  ScarJo kicked some serious ass.

And finally, Loki as a villain was awesome sauce.  He’s so petulant and whiny, yet seriously ominous and foreboding.  That takes talent.  And his relationship with brother Thor is endearing, believable, and makes both characters far more complex.  Up until now, I had avoided the Thor movie because I just thought it would be too cheesy.  Ordered it as soon as I got home from the movie Thursday night.  Can’t wait to see more Thor and Loki – plus, no one told me Idris Elba was in the film!!

Go see it!  Even if you don’t think you’ll like it.  I promise you’ll laugh and leave the theater feeling lighter.  We all need a little pure entertainment once in a while.  Treat yourself.

2 thoughts on “The Avengers: A Must See Movie

  1. I do want to see this as I’m a sucker for these types of movies and because I have a massive crush on Robert Downey Jr. How would the movie be for a 7-year-old who has seen other superhero movies (like Spiderman)? My son is interested … I’m assuming it is very “comic book” violence. Any thoughts you have to share on the topic would be appreciated. : )

    • Definitely comic book violence and really appropriate for kids of all ages. Just a lot of lighthearted laughs and a good time for the whole family!

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