Sunday Salon: Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

The Lee household has had a bumpy week.  With my illness and a few bad days at work for Jimmy, this weekend couldn’t have come at a better time.  Not that we’ve done much besides veg out and watch a ton of movies, but the lack of stress has been totally worthwhile.

Thursday night we rented One for the Money from Redbox and enjoyed the mindless fun of it all.  I’ve read most of the Stephanie Plum books so it was nice to see them come to life.  I did think they underused Lula and Grandma Mazur.  Friday we headed over to the local cinema to check our MIB 3 – my husband is a huge fan of this franchise.  I was prepared for total drek and came away thinking the movie was much better than I had expected.  Josh Brolin was amazing as a young Tommy Lee Jones.  Not entirely sure if it’s worth your hard earned money, but we had gift certificates so that didn’t affect us.

Saturday and Sunday I spent some much needed time reading.  I’m currently really enjoying An Uncommon Education by Elizabeth Percer.  My progress in A Clash of Kings has come to a dead halt at around 200 pages.  Not sure why I’m not enjoying it as much as A Game of Thrones, but apparently I’m not alone in this thinking.

Not sure what we’ll do tomorrow and it doesn’t really matter!  Maybe we’ll grill out, watch a movie, play a board game – something nice and cheap.  I hope everyone else is having a fantastically relaxing holiday!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

  1. Sounds like a long weekend is just what you guys needed! My son wants to see MIB3 after seeing the previews. How do you think it would be a for a 7-year-old?

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