A Storm of Swords Journal

That’s right – I’m going to keep a journal as I read the third novel in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series.  I am just so completely smitten with this series and have so much to say that I’d like to keep a log of my thoughts.  And what better place than my own blog?  These posts will definitely be fairly self-indulgent and generally speaking probably boring to other readers – especially if you are not a fan of or not familiar with the series.  And yes, there will be spoilers.

I want to concentrate on the book in 5 chapter intervals – not a huge interval, but with Martin’s imagination so much can happen in 5 chapters.  I’d also really like to record my expectations about how the television series will handle the book’s events.  Re-reading these posts will be so much fun when the show actually airs next year and won’t require me to re-read the massive novel.  I’m even thinking of vlogging my reviews of season 3.

The book is scheduled to arrive at my house Tuesday (I can barely stand the wait).  For now I’ll just sort of lay out my expectations.  So many fans of the novels have expressed their love for the third book.  Several people I’ve talked to cite A Storm of Swords as their absolute favorite installment.  Even though I know better, these reactions have my expectations super high.  I’m trying to ground myself, but I can’t – especially with my rather lukewarm feelings about the first half of A Clash of Kings.

I do remain spoiler free…mostly.  Some things occurred at the end of season 2 of the television series that spoiled bits and pieces of the future story.  I’m vaguely aware that something major happens in book 3 – something that will apparently knock me on my ass.  Martin has already been contracted to write this particular episode of the show entitled, Autumn Storms.  I have absolutely no clue as to what the event could be, but I am willing to guess!!  I hope it involves the forces from beyond The Wall entering the southern lands and the battle that should ensue.  If my guess is even remotely correct, I’ll be thrilled because that’s what I’m looking forward to the most.  The Others!!!!

Beyond that, I don’t have very many specific ideas about what will go down.  More battles as Robb still hopes to free the North from the Lannisters, Dany still dreams of re-taking the Iron Throne, a new Mad King sits upon the throne and will hopefully not sit there long, and then there’s Jon Snow with the Wildling forces beyond The Wall.  Oh…and where will Rickon and Bran end up?

One kind of general idea/theme/story that I would like to see more of in A Storm of Swords is love.  I mean, true love – not just marriage for political gain.  I’d like to see our heroes and heroines struggle more with their emotional attachments versus the pragmatic alliances of war and country.  We are beginning to see this with Robb in the show, but hopefully that particular story line will feature smartly in book 3.  And as much as I want Jon and Dany to eventually join forces to rule the Realm, I’d really like to see poor virginal Jon finally get some.  I’m also rooting for Arya and Gendry which is probably fairly far-fetched since she’s so young.  But a Baratheon married to a Stark needs to happen.

I’ve also heard tales that Arya and Dany’s stories both take really dark turns.  Not sure how true this is, but that excites me.  Assuming more death awaits me is probably smart and completely terrifying.  I don’t want to lose any of my favorites from the story because I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle it.  When I thought Bran and Rickon were dead, I very nearly stopped reading.  I know readers felt this way about Ned Stark when he  met his abrupt end, but I never liked Ned and thought his family had a better chance of surviving without his rigid take on honor.  Please just don’t take Ned’s children away from me – well, you might could take Sansa.

Enough for now!  Tuesday – where are you!!!


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