At the Cinema: Paper Clips

I promise you, you must see this documentary.  This movie confirms why Holocaust fiction just doesn’t capture the heart of non-fiction.  Enjoy.

Thanks so much to the ladies in book club who recommended this film to me!


6 thoughts on “At the Cinema: Paper Clips

  1. I had not ever heard of this film, but your recommendation holds some serious weight with me, so I will be looking to check it out soon. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I’m starting to agree with you about Holocaust fiction, although not entirely. Gone to Soldiers is one of my favorite books about WWII. But lately the books I’ve read about the Holocaust have really turned me off (Those Who Save Us, Sarah’s Key). I did like The Book Thief though.

    I remember hearing about this story and can’t wait to see the film. I love good documentary films.

    • There are definitely good works of WWII fiction out there – I’m just a lot harsher on them and more discerning of the ones I choose to read. Sarah’s Key was never my favorite book either. Definitely recommend this little doc!

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