So, I know this has nothing to do with books, but I own the place which allows me to break all the rules.  Anyway, since buying our home back in 2010, Jimmy and I have slowly been furnishing and decorating.  We’re not super flushed with cash so we make one major purchase a year.  And this year’s new addition is – a real grown-up bed.

In college we made do with the trusty favorite – mattress on the floor with empty cardboard boxes that served as bedside tables.  And it worked back then.  We thought nothing of it as renters and college students.  When we finally graduated and got big people jobs we updated to the new classic $100 IKEA malm bed.  This little diddy has served us faithfully since 2009.  But now we need a change.

First, the malm is a queen and we’ve outgrown a queen-size bed – or more specifically, my husband has outgrown a queen-size bed.  He practically sleeps on top of me and it ain’t workin’ folks.  His core body temperature is lower than most and as a result he omits the most amazing amount of heat.  It’s like sleeping outside in 90% humidity.  Which brings me to our next problem – the tempurpedic mattress.  I HATE the memory foam mattress.  HATE, I tell you.  It traps heat like a son of a bitch and I often awake drenched in sweat (lovely visual – you’re welcome!).  Also, since I’m relegated to the very edge of said mattress, I often feel as if I’m falling off since the edges have no support structures.  They just crumble.  HATE.

Today we took our first step into a new era and ordered the following bed from Bassett Furniture:

This is the bed above, but we ordered it in the color/finish below:

I couldn’t be happier, really.  The bed is quality and has nice, simple lines that help add to the zen-like natural feel of our bedroom.  Can’t wait for it to arrive.

Because I wasn’t feeling awesome today, I sent my husband on a mattress buying mission.  We did our research and had decided on a firm mattress within a certain price range.  He returned empty-handed and a failure.  Why?  Because he wants another memory foam mattress and the salesperson sold him on a different brand that doesn’t hold as much heat (yeah right, salesperson – you just saw a sucker in my husband and tried to sell him the most expensive product in your store).  I refuse to buy another one of these mattresses and Jimmy refuses not to.  Not sure how this battle will end.

In a more positive turn, I have decided on our duvet.  See below:

Again, clean lines and not gender specific.  The citron/yellow will look great against the bed’s wood tones and our green walls.  Plus, it’s one of the cheapest duvets I’ve seen in a while – thank you, West Elm.  We’ll also have to buy a new comforter, but IKEA has always provided a wonderful product at very affordable prices so no worries there.  Bedside tables will probably have to wait, but I do enjoy the look of the one in the above picture.  I refuse to buy the matching bedroom set from Bassett.  I believe in mixing and matching – I hate matchy-matchy.

Okay, enough with the bedroom talk.  I’m just a bit excited over this new purchase and can’t wait to sleep in my new bed!

 What’s going on at your house?  Any exciting new purchases?


8 thoughts on “Housewares

  1. What’s going on around my place isn’t even worth mentioning next to your news.

    What a beautiful bed – and I ADORE the duvet cover. Hope you & Jimmy can come to an agreement about the mattress 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your bed-time story!

    • Thanks! And we’ll probably never come to a full agreement about the mattress. We’ll just duke it out for another month until one of us gives in.

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