A Storm of Swords Journal – Part 3 (SPOILERS)

Pages 120-180


Superb chapter!  Not for anything that happened, but for the backstory we’re given.  Brienne, Cleros, and Jaime arrive at what appears to be an abandoned Inn.  Jaime busts open the door only to be confronted by the new ‘owners’ who have pillaged and taken over.  For the right price, our band of three obtains some provisions, three horses, and some bad advice.  Thank goodness Brienne is smart enough to know when she’s being lied to.  Jaime is respecting her more and more, but still treating her in accord with the douche that he is.

Anyway, when they stop to rest for the night Jaime fills us in on his history – how he became a member of the Kingsguard and whatnot.  Apparently, his father planned to marry him off to Lady Lysa Tully so Cersei (the great disgusting love of his life and twin sister) plotted and schemed to have him become a member of the Kingsguard to avoid the marriage and be hers forever.  Disgusting.  Anyway, it worked, but dear Lord Tywin resigned as Hand of the King and removed himself and Cersei back home.  Jaime was forced to stay behind to protect his King.  So while he might not be married off, he still wasn’t allowed to be with Cersei due to distance.  He was 15 years old.

Then he relived his slaying of King Aerys and his Hand.  He was caught mid-slay, but didn’t really care.  He next sat upon the throne waiting to see who would come to claim it.  Eddard Stark arrived first.

I love learning what makes these characters tick and this just helps explain Jaime so much.  Villain that he is – he’s still one of the most interesting people in all the Realm.  I could totally do without the Cersei love, but can oddly respect Jaime without loving him.  I wonder if the show would ever do a flashback scene – I’d love to see Aerys Targaryen and a young Jaime.

One of the best chapters yet.


Tyrion’s chapters are always so dense with information and double speak that I’m almost convinced I need to read them twice.  I know I miss things.

This time Tyrion pays a little visit to Lord Varys and learns that everyone has their eye on him just waiting for him to muck up.  Cersei, we also discover, is still using her sexual wiles to get her way.  Tyrion has no friends and a shit ton of enemies.  He wants to see Shae for one last time before he sends her away for her own safety.  A meeting is arranged for later that night in Lord Varys’ chambers.

As Tyrion prepares for their meeting, we can see how deeply he’s fallen for Shae.  He’s like a giddy schoolboy.  Shae doesn’t want to leave, of course, and our giddy schoolboy stupidly grants her her silly wish.  Tyrion thinks with his penis a lot.  I fear that either Shae is bad or bad will happen to Shae – and soon.

What else do we learn?  Shae might be ‘accidentally’ spreading knowledge to the wrong people (which is anyone at this point), so Tyrion has Bronn hunt down the singer she recently spoke with.  Varys is a great little spider.  Tyrion thoroughly searches his chambers and finds NOTHING of importance.  Not even any papers.  Plus, he only has water in his pitcher – SHAME!  Varys has also been hired by Lord Tywin to spy on Tyrion.  I kind of like Varys.

We’ve already seen a version of this scene between Shae and Tyrion at the end of season 2.  I would suspect some gossiping between him and Varys to show up in season 3.


Arya, Hot Pie, and Gendry have found a lovely garden by the Trident that has been abandoned.  They are happily stealing vegetables when they hear signing and men approaching.  With nowhere to hide, they confront the men who appear friendly enough, but trust is not something to hand out easily.

Regardless, Arya knows they kind of have to do what the men say since they don’t have a great chance of beating them in a fight.  The men are traveling to a nearby Inn and invite Arya and the boys along (they probably really just want their horses, let’s be honest).  Anyway, off to the Inn they go – the very same Inn we last saw with Jaime and Brienne.

Almost immediately Arya can tell these people are robbers/bandits, but they have yet to do anything wrong towards her.  In fact, they offer her food in exchange for the stolen vegetables.  The men want Arya’s horses and make her a promise – they’ll repay her after the war.  Arya isn’t impressed and instead offers the horses in exchange for the boat left by Brienne outside.  Suddenly, Gendry runs in announcing soldiers approaching.

Arya and Hot Pie immediately jump up to run.  Soldiers mean capture to them, but the bandits stop them despite Arya breaking one of their noses.  She’s a tough cookie.  The soldiers enter and Arya immediately recognizes them as one of the men of Winterfell, Harwin, who used to lead her around on her horse when she was younger.  Arya immediately begins to sob (I almost cried with her, poor thing) and once Harwin notices who she is bends the knee to her and announces her true identity.

What this chapter reminds me of is how fierce, brave, and strong Arya is, but also how young, scared, and vulnerable she  really is in the face the shit that has come her way.  Despite all her bravado, Arya is still a small, young lady all alone with no one to truly count as friend by her side.  I hope that Harwin is a friend.  Please let Harwin be a friend.  But you can’t trust anyone these days.

This scene would give the actress who plays Arya (Maisie?) the chance to shine.  Hope to see it!


Catelyn is still under castle arrest when Robb arrives back in Riverrun.  Her brother, Edmure, wants nothing to do with her.  She can only hope Robb will forgive her.  He immediately summons her to the Great Hall.  She notices some new people behind him, men and women, who appear to be Lannister Bannermen.  She thinks it odd that he would bring captives in the Hall.

She asks Robb’s forgiveness and he grants her wishes – stating that love can bring about great folly.  Many of the Bannermen treat  her quite icily however.  Catelyn notices that Grey Wind is not beside Robb and thinks it rather odd.  Robb dismisses everyone, but the family and the new people.  Catelyn quickly learns why Robb was so quick to forgive her – he’s married Jeyne Westerling of the Crag.  It’s her family that stands behind him.  This means he’s forsaken the detestable Freys to whom he’d promised to marry a daughter and combine houses.  That’s 3000 Frey soldiers he lost for 50 new Westerling men who are former Lannister lackies and a lesser house than Frey.  Bad military decision.  But Robb is in love and took her virginity – the noble thing to do was wed her.  Jeyne seems nice enough.

Back in private chambers, the family squabbles.  Catelyn learns that Grey Wind doesn’t much like these Westerlings and the Westerlings don’t won’t him around.  This worries Catelyn immediately and she urges Robb to pay attention to his wolf and send away the man Grey Wind particularly hates.  Then they all gang up on Edmure who has been boasting of his  minor defeat against Tywin’s forces.  Robb informs him that he made a huge mistake by distracting Tywin and that Edmure had only been ordered to protect Riverrun.  Edmure’s ‘glorious win’ kept Tywin from heading further west where Robb’s men were waiting to defeat his entire army and allowed Tywin to learn the news of Stannis approaching Kings Landing in time to save the day there.  BAD EDMURE, BAD.  Edmure feels like shit and promises to lead the Van in the next battle.  Robb knows he must regain the Freys if he is to win this war.  Catelyn urges him to first win back Winterfell.

I can’t believe Edmure!  I look forward to this scene next season.  We’ve already seen Robb’s new wife and whatnot so nothing new to film there.  I’m confused about what’s happened at Winterfell and who actually is in charge of the Castle there.  What happened to Theon?  In the book, I thought he was killed.  In the show, he was captured.  We shall see, I suppose.

I do think the new Queen Jeyne is going to cause problems.  Poor Grey Wind – banished to the outside.


So, I’m probably just going to squee a lot!  Jon saw the Giants who resemble large gorillas!  They ride mammoths!  An eagle nearly took out his eye!  Tormund kept goading him about Ygritte – almost like ‘Ygritte and Jon sittin’ in a tree…’ Jon blushed a lot.  But Ygritte is after his body and wants to have his babies.  Jon is afraid of her, but a body wants what a body wants.  I know he doesn’t want to father bastard children though – maybe they’ll get married.  I love them.

Mance wants Jon…uh oh.  Mance has discovered Jon lied to him about the Watch’s raider party.  They’ve stumbled across the camp of the Guard where many of the Watchmen have been slaughtered by, we’re assuming, the Others.  Mance is not happy and demands that Jon tell him lots of info and then sends him on a mission to the Wall to betray his Black Brothers even further.  Ygritte helps save him by saying they ‘sleep’ together every night.  So now, Ygritte in very plain words explains that Jon must make this true.  I can’t wait to see what happens underneath Jon’s cloak when they get back to camp!!!

Also, so funny that Jon uses Ghost to scare Ygritte away from his bed.


2 thoughts on “A Storm of Swords Journal – Part 3 (SPOILERS)

  1. My husband is well into the third book, and has stropped so that I can catch up, but I don’t know if that will ever happen! He says that the books are addicting, and I can see that you are one of the ones who is loving this series, so I am very happy that I will have such a great set of books to get started with! Great review!

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