A Storm of Swords Journal – Part 4 (SPOILERS)

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Pages 181-234


Sansa’s getting a new gown!  She’s grown three inches and has boobs now!  The Tyrell women are treating her like family and she’s happy to have female companionship again.  I’m pretty sure she can’t trust these women, but she’s starving for some happiness.  Sansa believes the little women are fools to be so happy in the lion’s den.

Margaery takes her hawking telling her how much she’ll love Willas and calling her sister.  Sansa begs her not to marry the cruel Joffrey.  Margaery assures her that her brother will protect her.  Sansa knows better and thinks Margaery should know better as well.

Sansa has sad little daydreams of how happy her life with Willas will be – who’s the fool now, Sansa?  She tells Dontos she won’t need his services any longer.  He beseechers her to reconsider, knowing that the Tyrells aren’t to be trusted and are only after her for her claim to the Stark household.  She is heir now behind Robb since everyone thinks Bran and Rickon are dead.

Sansa stays lost in her daydreams.  She should have learned better than this.  People are going to hate her even more now if she goes on likes this in season 3.


As I suspected, Arya’s been betrayed.  Harwin (I think that was his name) no longer claims allegiance to the Stark family, but rather to Ser Beric and the smallfolk.  Arya realizes this when she notices that they aren’t marching north, but south.  The tribe of bandits plans to drop her off with Ser Beric to do with as he pleases.  I don’t think they really mean her any harm, but they aren’t loyal to who she needs them to be loyal to.  Hot Pie has stayed behind at the Inn to become their baker.

Arya decides to escape and takes off on her horse to no avail.  Harwin eventually catches up to her and swears her no harm again as long as she rides back peacefully.  She agrees, but I have a feeling her little list of names will be longer in her prayers tonight.

I hope they film the horse chase scene.  Will be a romping good time.  Poor Arya just never manages to catch a break.  But I guess that can be said of all the Stark children.


Our first Sam chapter!  Could Sam be a more sympathetic character?  He is terrified of everything, fully admits that he has no business being a Watchmen, and yet, he has no other options.  I do not envy him his life.

Anyway, we find him in the aftermath of the massacre sponsored by the crazy, zombie-ish white walkers.  The Watch was a group of 300, now more like 50 with men dying everyday.  Sam is begging his feet to keep walking, but he’s tired, freezing, hungry, and a scared little boy.  He keeps flashing back to the battle on the Fist.

Basically, the Night’s Guard didn’t stand a chance.  There were hundreds of Others and very little means of killing them.  Only so many fire arrows can be shot.  They had to flee.  Sam was able to perform his one duty – get the ravens off to the Wall with news of the battle.  He almost managed to stay out of the way as commanded.

Now that the men have been beaten and are doing their best to escape the Others, Sam just wants to lay down in the snow and die.  They are still being chased and he sees no point in going on.  He feels he’s done his duty and can die with some sort of honor.  He finally falls down and decides to sleep away his last minutes wrapped in the warmth of the snow blanket.  Grenn and Small Paul find him and ruin his plans.  Small Paul, a giant of sorts, picks him up and carries him a ways.  They fall way behind the other men and eventually Small Paul can no longer handle Sam’s weight.

All of  a sudden, a white walker appears on a white walking horse – dismounts and is ready to kill them.  Small Paul is impaled and Grenn’s torch is beheaded (betorched?) by the walker.  Sam, craven that he claims to be, grabs his dragonglass dagger and rushes the walker, stabbing him only to watch him melt away.  Apparently dragonglass is the only weapon able to destroy these mofos.  Good for Sam.  Grenn convinces him to keep walking.

Not sure how they’ll film this since they’ve already shown the white walkers in season 2 and shown Sam being discovered by them.  The Others didn’t even pay him any attention and Grenn left him behind to die (in the show).  Something to look forward to, I suppose.  This battle would look epic on screen, don’t you think?


Oh dear.  So the King’s council met and had very interesting discussions.  Tywin is plotting and planning and he’s completely terrifying.  Littlefinger is off to woo Lady Lysa.  Tyrion is now in charge of the money.  Cersei is to marry again – Tywin wants her to choose Willas Tyrell (that’s right – they got wind of the Tyrell plans to wed him to Sansa).  And even Tyrion’s wedding is forefront in Tywin’s mind – to Sansa Stark.  OMG.  The weddings in this series are just as dangerous as the wars.

Another fantastic scene for Peter Dinklage.  I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he is told he’s to wed and bed Lady Sansa.  Wow.


More fallout from Catelyn decision to release Jaime.  Rickard Karstark and some of his men, men loyal to the North, committed treason by killing Tully guardsmen and slaying two child captives – a Lannister and a Frey.  The rest of the Karstark troops have fled camp in search of the Kingslayer.  Robb is losing his men quickly and running out of options.  His luck in battle might be running out.

Robb makes the hard decision to behead Rickard Karstark – and obviously, he does it himself (Daddy taught him well).  He’s just a 16-year-old manchild.  Can you even imagine?

At the chapter’s end, Jeyne comes to Catelyn worried for her new husband and how the death sentence has affected him.  Catelyn just tells Jeyne to be patient, that Robb will come to her, and oh…she needs to produce some heirs and quickly.  AWKWARD.  Jeyne explains they try several times a day.  Man…thank the gods my mother-in-law and I have never discussed such things.

I do hope we get to see Robb do some beheading in season 3.

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