A Storm of Swords Journal – Part 10 (SPOILERS)

Pages 528 – 573 – These journal entries are getting shorter and shorter because the plot is moving so quickly now that I read WAY AHEAD.  And now I can’t remember all the little details of each chapter, but the high points are all still there.


In the fallout of the chaos at Craster’s, the decent brothers have left to flee back to the Wall.  Sam and Gilly were among them, but Sam fell behind and the others left him.  Now just he and Gilly (well, and her babe) are very slowly making their way somewhere.  They are pretty much lost.

They stop in an empty Wildling village to warm up, eat, and sleep.  In the night, Sam awakens with a bad feeling just before Small Paul arrives at their door – a very dead Small Paul with a raven eating his face.  Sam orders Gilly outside and attacks the zombie!Paul with the dragonglass to no avail.  Then he destroys him with fire only to walk outside and see Gilly surrounded by more of his dead brothers – their horse gutted.  Ravens come down in huge numbers to distract the white walkers and a brother wearing the black arrives on an Elk.  He swoops up Gilly and Sam.  Sam notices he has a black hand with fingers of stone.  Is this Benjen?  A great scene!


Arya and the Hound are journeying somewhere.  Arya believes it to be Kings Landing.  They come across a river they must ford, but the damn thing is too flooded.  They find some men with a makeshift ferry and promise to pay their way once they are safely deposited on the other side.  These men are stupid and believe them.  During the crossing, Arya almost jumps over the side, but just as she’s about to try escaping AGAIN, one of the men falls into the current and is immediately washed away to his death.  So much for that idea.

On the other side, the Hound pays his way with an IOU parchment.  The men are pissed, but the Hound rides off before anything can be done about it.  Sandor informs Arya that now her would-be saviors (Beric and his men) won’t be able to cross because they only have IOU parchment as well.  Arya is so pissed.

Clegane informs her that she’s not being taken back to Kings Landing and that they just crossed the Trident.  They are practically right on top of The Twins.  The Hound hopes to ransom Arya and perhaps join Robb’s cause.  That’s about his only option at this time.

I love that Arya’s been constantly plotting her escape or the Hound’s death.


With his leg about to fall off and his horse dying of exhaustion, Jon reaches the small village outside the Wall.  He tells the people to pack their things and head to Castle Black b/c the Wildlings are coming.  On a new horse, Jon quickly makes his way to the Wall.  He quickly learns that they know he’s been riding with the Wildlings because some of the brothers spotted him.  He explains Qhorin’s plan and they take him to Maester Aemon to see about his leg.

He learns that Commander Mormont has been killed by his own men, that Winterfell has been destroyed by Theon, and that Bran and Rickon are supposedly dead.

We learn that Grenn made it back to Castle Black safely, but left Sam behind (which doesn’t make Jon happy).

Jon warns everyone of the approaching Wildling party.  There’s hardly anyone left at Castle Black and no real leadership. A new Commander has not been voted in yet – I hope they vote in Jon.


They finally arrive at The Twins – very late due to the weather which is already a bad sign.  Upon arrival, some of the Freys ride out to meet their party only to be attacked (but not harmed) by Grey Wind.  Oh no, Robb.  Go home right now!

Lord Frey receives them and is his normal charming self.  This man is utterly disgusting and hardly trustworthy.  This whole chapter was filled with tension and foreshadowing.  Anyway, Robb apologizes to everyone and Catelyn makes sure to ask for food which should protect them under the guest’s rights/laws.  I think the Starks are in trouble.  All of the Freys that Robb liked, who had been with him before he married Jeyne, are nowhere to be found.

Edmure meets his new bride and she is rather comely, but tiny (she also cries a lot).  He’s quite pleased.  Catelyn visits the maester to see if the child is fertile.  The maester assures her she will give Edmure many sons, just as her mother did.

Roose Bolton and his men arrive and there are more war discussions.  I am terrified to keep reading.


The Hound and Arya sneak their way into The Twins wedding feast by pretending to bring food and supplies to the wedding.  When Arya can finally see the feast tents, she immediately begins searching for a familiar face or anyone wearing her family’s sigil.  She finds no one – oh dear.  Sandor wants to find her ‘bloody brother’ and get this show on the road.

Nothing much happened, but dammit, I’m terrified.  It’s also ass o’clock in the morning, but I can’t stop reading.  MUST. KNOW. WHAT. HAPPENS.


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