A Storm of Swords Journal – Part 11 (SPOILERS)

Pages 574 – 623  DAMN YOU, George R.R. Martin.  How could you?  This book is almost too much.  I miss the days of A Clash of Kings when things were slow and boring.


The wedding is over and the feast is in full swing.  Everyone is having a merry time even though the food is yucky.  Catelyn keeps noticing how drunk all her men are – not a good sign.  Robb has done his duty well – dancing amiably with many of the Frey women.

Finally, time for the bedding!  The raucous wedding party begins to crowd around the happy couple, stripping them naked, and carrying them off to bed.  Such a lovely tradition, no?  Anyway, Catelyn stays behind, her mind racing, and finally the truth dawns on her, but it’s too late.  House Tully/Stark is about to be majorly betrayed.  Catelyn now understands that the Freys who were loyal to Robb aren’t just ‘away’, but they’ve been murdered.

House Frey turns on its guests and begins slaughtering everyone.  A table is thrown over Robb to protect him, but three arrows have already found their way inside him.  Catelyn hides as best she can desperate not to lose another child.  She grabs a dagger, Lord Frey’s halfwit son, and promises to kill him if Frey doesn’t allow her son to leave peacefully with no further harm.  Robb is now on his feet.  Frey informs Catelyn that he cares nothing for the halfwit and a sword is plunged through Robb’s heart.  Catelyn follows through on her threat as well before going mad.  They slit her throat.

HOLY JESUS.  WHAT THE HELL?  It was just one little fucking marriage.  To align yourselves with the Lannisters over that is just repugnant.  I hate the fucking Freys more than the Lannisters.  Good-bye Robb.  Poor Queen Jeyne.  Who did Robb name as his heir??? (Not that it matters, Bran is still alive!!!).  AMAZINGLY SAD, BUT AWESOME SCENE.  Season 3 is going to be another shocker.


Just as they are about to make their way into the main wedding tent, Sandor and Arya notice people fleeing The Twins.  Sandor figures out quickly that the Freys have united with the Lannisters and released a blood bath on the Tully/Stark fleet.  Arya wants to find her brother and mother quickly, but the Hound assures her that both are dead – otherwise, the Stark men wouldn’t be running away.  Sandor begins doing battle and Arya just kind of stands there before trying to run inside to her slaughtered family.  But before she can get anywhere, the Hound takes an axe to the back of her head.

Arya is going to be one messed up person if she survives all these shenanigans.


Nothing quite like a home-cooked meal with your wife – unless you are Tyrion and Sansa.  Man, they are so awkward, clumsy, and tense around one another.  This marriage is doomed.

Sansa runs off to pray and Tyrion is summoned by Tywin.  The news of Robb’s and Catelyn’s deaths have reached him.  Tyrion immediately knows that his father helped plan this whole un-honorable death scene.  Edmure has been taken prisoner and they hope that Uncle Tully will give up Riverrun very soon.  Joffrey is all – ‘no mercy, off with their heads’.  He doesn’t believe in letting anyone bend the knee and give up.  Tywin is beginning to understand how much of a monster his nephew is.  Joff has no real power as long as Tywin’s around though.

The Martell/Tyrell tension is heating up.  Fights have broken out and men have been killed.  Tywin doesn’t want to offer up Gregor Clegane to Martell justice so he invents another story of how Elia was killed and tells Tyrion he must adopt the story as well.  Tyrion’s not so sure this plan is going to be successful.  Tywin encourages Tyrion to produce an heir soon with Sansa and Tyrion smartly remarks that he should have no problem bedding the woman when he tells her of how his family has just murdered her brother and mother.

I’ve decided that all of these people are insane.


The Davos chapters are growing tiresome.  Stannis just isn’t compelling and Melisandre cheats.  They learn of Robb’s death.  They bicker about what to do next.  Melisandre still wants to kill Edric.  Davos is learning to read with Stannis’s daughter and Edric.  Davos reads a letter from the Wall warning of the DOOM.

We’re also waiting for Joffrey to die since Melisandre’s black magic is coming true.


Castle Black awakes to find Mole’s Town burning.  They know the Wildlings will arrive soon so they begin major preparations for battle.  They take the high ground, mainly arming themselves with arrows.  The Wildlings arrive later that night and the battle begins.

The Wildlings have far more men and seemingly are going to beat the Watch.  But once they are all on the wooden stairs leading to the top of the wall, the Watch sets it on fire.  So the Watch wins, but pretty much everyone dies barring a few scattered brothers here and there.  Jon heads to the ground hoping that Ygritte escaped.  He finds her still alive but with an arrow through her lung.  Her death scene is oddly sweet – “You know nothing Jon Snow”.  RIP Ygritte.  I’ll miss her.  I’ll probably cry during this damn scene – more so that Robb’s death.  Is that odd?


2 thoughts on “A Storm of Swords Journal – Part 11 (SPOILERS)

    • You won’t be spoiling anything! Haha…I finished the book a couple of months ago, but the posts are going up one week at a time. I haven’t read beyond the third book though.

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