At the Cinema: Looper

Happy Monday, folks!  Hope all is well.  This weekend was a ton of fun and part of that fun involved seeing the new film Looper.  It stars current Hollywood darling Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, and Emily Blunt.  And it is worth paying money to see.

The year is 2044 and time travel has yet to be invented, but will be in the future.  JGL plays a looper who is hired in the past to dispose of people (kill them dead and dispose of the bodies) from the future.  Eventually, he will close his loop by killing his future self – played by Bruce Willis.  And that’s all you’re gonna get!

Looper is a smart, complex, and intense sci-fi flick – the kind of movie I geek out for and that is so rarely made.  The story is far-fetched, sure, but stops short of being eye-rolling.  Perfection.  JGL is AMAZING.  He’s such an amazingly talented actor and does a spot-on Bruce Willis right down to the squint and gruff voice.  Willis is in the movie just enough to please his fans and not enough to annoy his naysayers.  Emily Blunt was great and at times I completely forgot who she was and entirely bought into her character.

But what I loved most was how well this movie has been advertised.  So often, trailers give away entire plot lines and Looper does not suffer from that in the least.  The film I thought I was going to see was not the movie I ended up watching and it was so refreshing.  And even though the end was a tad bit on the melodramatic side, I loved it – maybe even teared up a little!  So do yourself a favor in this age of remakes, reboots, and sequels and go see something fresh, intelligent, and finally worth the ticket price.

For Atlantans: You guys – have you been to the Phipps Plaza AMC?  It’s undergoing a much needed remodel and now they have reclining leather seats in every theater.  Go immediately – take a blanket and prepare to get cozy!


6 thoughts on “At the Cinema: Looper

  1. I hadn’t heard of this movie, but my gosh, it does sound good! I love the idea of time travel, and the fact that it’s an action/adventure flick coupled with time travel, really makes me excited! Great post today!

  2. I agree 100%!! This is my absolute favorite type of movie and they got it oh so right! I was so happy and riveted and can’t wait to go again. I think it is going to be a word-of-mouth blockbuster — it deserves it. And I agree about Emily Blunt — I didnt even know it was her playing that part. I waited to see who it was and I was like “Emily Blunt??? Emily Blunt???” Kudos to her.

  3. My friend and I saw this because Perks of a Wallflower hadn’t come to our town yet. I was so pleasantly surprised as well. I knew after Brick, that I like Rian Johnson’s directing and storytelling, and JGL is pretty much perfect in all he does the last ten years; but still what a great, totally didn’t see the ending coming, story.

    We also saw Pitch Perfect afterwards which was different but good too.

    • I’m glad you liked Looper and hope you were eventually able to see Perks (awesome!). I’ve never seen Brick which is a total failure on my part. Glad to hear Pitch Perfect was fun as well!

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