Monday Rambles…

Happy Monday everyone!  Here’s to a fantastic week!

Just wanted to ramble for a minute about a couple of things.  First, congrats to Heather from Raging Bibliomania for winning the Paul Harris giveaway!

In other news, I’m super excited to participate in the Read-a-thon this weekend.  It will be my first time joining in and only the second time I’ve pledged to read for 24 hours straight.  We’ll see how well I do!  I think I’ve got my book selection narrowed down to three titles, but the TBR shelves are always available for backups!  Now I just need to concentrate on what snacks will keep me strong.

I didn’t do a Sunday Salon post, but my weekend in general was mostly fabulous.  We’ll ignore the ridiculously terrible UGA loss.  Yesterday, Jimmy and I attended the Taste of Atlanta food festival in Tech Square.  We had so much fun and the fall weather was fantastic.  Basically, 90+ restaurants set up booths and you get to go around tasting their food.  Eating is one of my favorite activities so this event is essentially heaven.  Then we went tie shopping for Jimmy and who knew ties were so freakin’ expensive?  Geez.

Okay, y’all, my ramblings are coming to a close.  I have a book review of The Cutting Season by Attica Locke scheduled for this Wednesday, so be on the look out!  Not sure what book I’ll pick up next, but have been eyeing our next book club selection Arcadia by Lauren Groff.

Enjoy your week!

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