Recommendations: I Need Them!!

Hey guys and gals, fellow readers, and amazing bloggy friends – I need some recommendations!  I’ve been craving some great political non-fiction that is engaging, tackles multiple issues from multiple sides, and can help fill the void of astute political debate I’ve enjoyed participating in these past few months leading up to the election.  I am a political junky – so no topic is off limits!  Just point me in the direction of something you’ve enjoyed or someone you know and trust has enjoyed!  And mucho thanks in advance!!

I do also have one minor additional request – if you recommend something very left-leaning or very right-leaning, do you know of something similar on the other side to balance out the argument?  I am a total Independent and can truly listen to dozens of arguments about the same issue.  It makes me happy and then I feel much better informed.  THANK YOU!

Some topics I’m particularly interested in:

Global Warming (Darn you, Flight Behavior!  Something other than Al Gore!)

Race/Class Warfare/Social Issues


Political Theory especially as pertains to our two-party structure

HISTORY – I love reading about all the Prezzies!

Foreign Policy (Particularly the Middle East)


The South


8 thoughts on “Recommendations: I Need Them!!

  1. I just finished reading The Lincoln Conspiracy by Timothy O’Brien and it is steeped in history and leaves you with many unanswered questions about the events surrounding Lincoln’s assassination as well as political espionage, spying, and stab you in the back kind of behavior even during the Civil War period of government. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I know you asked for non-fiction, and this novel is historical fiction, but it’s one of those where historical facts were used to craft a story out of possibilities…the list of facts is endless. I reviewed it yesterday if you’d like to take a look for more info.

  2. Well I don’t read a lot on this subject but the one political book I did read (or listened too) last year was Game Change (about the 2008 election) and it was fascinating. I’d highly recommend it.

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