TSS: A Week of Visitors

TSSbadge2Goodness gracious my house has been filled with guests and family this past week.  Last weekend I had two college friends stay over and we hosted a party for the SEC Championship Game.  Sadly, the Dawgs lost, but the weekend was enjoyable until the end (which I won’t delve into). Then my sis-in-law, Christina, and nephew, Mason, stayed over Monday night since Mason had a doctor’s appointment Tuesday morning.  She was immediately followed by my sister, Shay, and bro-in-law, Russell, and niece, Ashlyn, who had an appointment Wednesday morning.  BUSY.  But everything went smoothly despite the Hubs being in Tampa all week.

Needless to say, not  much blogging got done, but a good amount of reading was had!!  This week should be filled with posts! I managed to watch some movies this week – The Vow, It’s a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, and Pocahontas.  An odd mixture, for sure, but fun.  I’m currently reading In the Woods by Tana French which I’ve never read before!

In amazing, awesome news, I’ve recently scored my first job interview for Monday at 1:30.  Fingers crossed this opportunity comes through because the interviews are not rolling steadily in by any means.  I have a 1.5 year gap in my resume which generally lands it in the trash despite my graduating with honors and CPA certification.  Anyway, this opportunity is for an accountant in a real estate investment company which is what I know.  My old job was also real estate accounting, just from an auditing perspective.  I’ve got to rock this interview!

Hopefully, we’ll be getting our Christmas tree today.  We are so late on getting it up this year, but our outside decorations have been up for awhile. Once everything is decorated, I’ll post some pictures!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous December Sunday!


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