A Monday Ramble…

I finally feel able to write a little something about the Newtown tragedy that happened Friday morning. I feel so strongly for that community and the families affected. Having lost my niece tragically a few years ago, I have some idea of the absolute hell those families will be going through for the rest of their lives and my prayers are with them.

Friday was hard emotionally with the shooting and loss of precious lives. But it was also bittersweet since I found out I got the job I’d been interviewing for all week. I’m excited to re-join the working world and give private accounting a chance after hating the public accounting lifestyle. I can’t even fathom a job that only requires 40 hours a week. Ever since I was 17 I’ve either worked amazing amounts of overtime or worked two jobs at a time. I think this shorter work week might just be what I’ve been searching for. My new company is a real estate investment partnership which is exactly what I used to audit, so I feel comfortable with the work. And I won’t lie, the paycheck will be a welcome relief.

I am a bit saddened to lose a ton of my quality reading time. My first day is Tuesday which will immediately cut down my reading time, but I’ll be able to listen to audiobooks on my rather long commutes and during lunch breaks so perhaps I won’t be affected too much. I do know that 80 books a year won’t happen again in 2013! I’m hoping to get to 50 at least. Of course, the book buying might be even worse in 2013! Oh dear.


I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! We’ve got our little fat Christmas tree up and decorated. Christmas music is blasting away and we’ve booked a yummy dinner for Christmas Eve! I love this time of year like no other.



8 thoughts on “A Monday Ramble…

  1. I am very saddened by the shootings well. It just doesn’t seem fathomable, and yet, it happened. I worry so much for my kids in school, and they worry too. It’s so scary for them, and for me.

    I am happy that you finally got the job that is perfect for you, and with all that commuting time, audiobooks will become like second nature to you. Good Luck on your first day!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! I love your little tree!

    • Merry Christmas to you as well! And the first day went smoothly – super busy already!

      I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I had kids in school – or really – just kids in general. I’d be terrified.

  2. Friday was emotional. I’m a teacher (although in the UK) and this morning I did look at my class differently. I spend so much time with them and know them so well that I can’t imagine what it would be like to be threatened with a gun man. It’s such a sad situation.

    I’m glad you got the job you were interviewing for, congratulations 🙂

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