The Sunday Salon: Snow! What a Tease…

TSSbadge2Soft, whimsical flakes are swiftly falling outside my window and have been doing so mercilessly the whole weekend. Unfortunately, due to my geographical location they melt instantly upon impact. A lovely sight, nevertheless.

The weekend has been quiet and soothing. Friday we had dinner at Blue Grotto – a little Asian Fusion place down the street. They have this little lounge seating area which was interesting, but makes you glad they only serve tapas!

Saturday was a mixed bag. Woke up early and spent most of the morning reading. Jimmy and I then ran some errands and stopped by local Gastropub, There, for a quick lunch. We also partook in a cocktail – The Vesper – since we are currently on our James Bond kick! We later browsed the miles and miles of antiques over in Chamblee. I found some amazingly expensive editions of Uncle Tom’s Cabin which I drooled over. Finally, the big moment of the day came when I got to Pottery Barn and purchased a rug for our living room makeover! In the three years we’ve lived here, we’ve been rugless! We got a jute rug that’s gorgeous and was fairly inexpensive as far as rugs go. That’s why I made the decision to go with a natural fiber rug. I didn’t want to spend $1K+ on a rug – just not my thing. Excited for its arrival in a couple of weeks! Dinner was at Kaleidoscope, a neighborhood pub. What this paragraph has taught me is that we eat out way too much and are overdue for a grocery shopping trip.

Sunday is reserved for all things bookish! Such as this little blog post and a couple of others I’d like to get posted. Below I’ll post my last youtube video which is a wrap up of my February reads and a TBR list for March. I’m currently still reading Vanity Fair and have started Swoon by Betsy Prioleau for a TLC tour. The #estellagram challenge has also been tons of fun to participate in! I’ll post some of my pics below.

How was your week?


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