At the Cinema: The Artist, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and Playing by Heart

This week’s movie roundup comes to you from our home cinema! We decided to take a break for spending a ton of cash on theater visits to watch some movies we had on hand or that were cheap from RedBox. Enjoy!


The Artist (own on bluray) – This film was a blind buy during Black Friday. It was priced really low and won the freakin’ Oscar so I was fairly certain it would be worth my money. I didn’t get around to watching until recently and I was both entertained and disappointed. The movie is definitely entertaining and cute. The actors are all beautiful people and the dog is a scene stopper! However, the movie never moves past cute for me. I think the gimmick of a black and white silent film in the 21st Century is what won this movie so many awards. I expected more.


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (rented on RedBox) – Oh boy. We watched this movie Saturday night. Jimmy was very impressed with the action, but kept nitpicking historical inaccuracies. I was just mind boggled that this film could ever have gotten made. I suppose when Tim Burton throws his name into the game, anything can happen. But geez. I guess it’s a fast-paced romp and a fun take on alternate history tales, but Abraham Lincoln is entirely dismissed as a superhuman action hero in this flick. Know what you’re getting yourself into before starting this one and don’t expect anything more than what you’re given!


Playing By Heart (own on dvd) – One of my favorite movies from high school. I was such a Gillian Anderson fangirl at that point that I’d watch anything she was in. There is nothing particularly brilliant about this simple little romance, but I appreciate its ability to show real relationships – flaws and all. Worth a watch if you’ve never seen it! Besides Anderson, it stars Sean Connery, Angelina Jolie, Madeline Stowe, Jon Stewart, and many more!

6 thoughts on “At the Cinema: The Artist, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and Playing by Heart

  1. That’s too bad about Lincoln in Vampire Hunter. I read the book and the author did a decent job at incorporating Lincoln’s history into the reasons he become a slayer. I was surprised that I enjoyed the book as much as I did, but haven’t given much thought to seeing the movie.

    • I think the story could have been very plausible because they do incorporate his backstory fairly well. However, the vampire hunting just never seems to amount to anything more – to serve any kind of higher purpose or meaning that merely revenge which I’m not sure is in character with Lincoln whatsoever. But I think I’m trying to force something on a film never meant to be more than fun escapist entertainment!

  2. I really want to see the Lincoln Vampire Hunter movie, because it’s just the sort of absurdity that I need tight now. The other two are fairly new to me, but the Gillian Anderson movie sounds pretty good too!

    • Absurdity, it is! And fun when that’s what you’re looking for. Playing by Heart is just one of those rom coms that I’ve always enjoyed despite its drama and silliness!

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