Tuesday Talk


I haven’t finished a book in time to post a review this week. I hope to finish three or more in the next few days so hopefully this dry spell won’t continue long. Sunday was book club and we discussed The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton. I’m pleased to report that everyone really seemed to like and appreciate the novel. Some had a harder time getting into the story in the beginning, but eventually were able to overcome that obstacle.  We talked at length about the time period and what we thought of May, Ellen, and Archer. I’m just glad that everyone seemed to enjoy Wharton and I hope they give her other works a chance in the future.

Jimmy had his wisdom teeth out yesterday morning and he was the worst patient ever. He wanted to break all the rules and pretty much did which angered me off and on all day. I’m also in a state of anxiety over the disappearance of my job. I’ve applied several places and hope to hear back soon. I’m going to be putting in more applications this week. Fingers crossed that something positive happens soon!

In the meantime, I’m reading, cleaning, and hoping to spend some time in the sun this week. Friday Jimmy and I are flying to Los Angeles to attend his sister’s wedding on Saturday. It will be a busy weekend.

I’ve watched a few movies lately that I really enjoyed and want to recommend. End of Watch was such a well done and brilliantly acted cop movie. Depressing though. Gone Baby Gone was also superb – Ben Affleck is just an awesome director and Dennis Lehane provides excellent source material. But without a doubt my favorite film recently was Safety Not Guaranteed. So good. A little sci-fi, romcom indie film. Stream it on Netflix. I was smiling so hard it hurt by the end!

Tonight’s World Book Night! Have fun if you’re participating. I can’t wait!


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk

  1. I am sending out lots of good prayers for your job search to be successful and short. I had a blast giving out books! I gave them out at a strip mall that is really packed at night, and I totally gave it my all! I gave out The Language of Flowers, which was a favorite of mine, and I told everyone, “It made me laugh, and then cry, and then feel all the stuff”, and they were all so excited about getting a free book! Can’t wait for next year!!

    • Thanks, Heather! I need all the good vibes I can get. I’m thrilled that your WBN experience was such a positive one. I enjoyed handing out my book so much – made running errands actually enjoyable for once!

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