Let’s improve the home, shall we? I love home projects and we’ve undertaken some minor things in the past few months – mainly just buying some furniture. Y’all might remember that we finally purchased ourselves a decent king size bed, new bedding, and stuff last summer/fall but I don’t think y’all have seen them all set up yet. I also finally got around to deciding on a new nightstand. A bookshelf. What else? Also, please excuse the poor picture quality brought to you by my phone. Once the room is done, we’ll take fancy pants pictures where you can tell the walls are actually a very pretty green.


The bedding (which I love) is West Elm which we got on sale. The bed is Basset Furniture which we also found on sale! The bookshelf was purchased via Joss & Main which is an online furniture outlet. Lots of great deals and no problems ordering things online. The bookshelf was supposed to be a gray but ended up a light purple/lavender color which actually worked out much better with the yellows, greens, and purple chevron pillows. Those pillows – a steal from HomeGoods!

My husband’s nightstand is a hand-me-down IKEA find. So…free! It belongs in the guest room, but he’s temporarily using until I decided (I guess, we decide) what sort of table will find a permanent home there. He only uses a bedside table for his clock alarm and to hold his cell phone. I’m thinking a small dresser to add some storage. I like using furniture pieces in ways that aren’t traditional. Notice the Old Navy bag beside my shelves – that’s trash. I’m just lazy enough not to remove it from the picture frame.

Obviously we have more things to do in this section. Wall art and curtains for the windows are our next big bedroom project. I’d eventually love hardwoods upstairs, but money is a thing. I’d also like a chaise, settee, or bench at the foot of the bed. Maybe a cute smallish chair in the corner? Who knows.

This next picture is an upcoming project for the dinning room:


That huge fan (and it is GINORMOUS) will be going on the wall in a home built frame. I think it’s a gorgeous and interesting art piece for the barest of bare walls. The wall itself is a deep chocolate brown color. We bought the fan for about $20 at the Chinatown Mall down the street from us during Chinese New Years. I definitely want to bring some of the Chinese culture into the house since that’s Jimmy’s heritage. We’re going for a young, colorful, Southern US/Asian mix. Should be tons of fun.

And finally, we’ve started our first real outdoors project:


Now before y’all think I’ve been controlling all the decorating and purchasing – think again! Jimmy is spearheading the garden! He’s super excited and has been planning for weeks. Yesterday, while I was at book club, he and a friend went plant shopping. Tonight they are going to be doing the installation. In the flowerbed above they’ve gone with double knockout roses and calla lilies. I love that he chose the lilies cause those were my bridal bouquet!

For the front yard, he purchased some purple and white flowers and a gardenia bush. They don’t look like much yet so I skipped taking their picture. Just imagine.

Lots more on the agenda! One of the biggest projects we’d like to tackle is our entertaining area out back. We are a townhouse so don’t have a huge yard. In addition to the new flowers, we’re thinking about a porch swing to hang under our second floor deck and a fire pit/coffee table combo with some chairs and small tables thrown around. We already have a grill – so that’s a plus. We host a lot of people throughout the year and so this is a priority for us.

What projects have y’all been tackling around the house this spring?

5 thoughts on “Life

    • Thank you! I do love my wall color even though the picture doesn’t do it much justice. And my yellow stripes are just my favorite thing ever. So many projects and so much excitement.

  1. You have a lovely place!

    I just moved a couple weeks ago, so I’m still in the unpacking/buying furniture phase. So far I’ve managed to get a new futon, a desk, and a lime green chair. 🙂

    • Thank you. Good luck with the unpacking and putting everything together. I moved three years ago and still have boxes that have been ignored. Probably don’t need that stuff, huh?

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