Happy Memorial Day!

268894_10102192744294700_799556317_nI hope everyone has the day off to relax and extend all their weekend fun. I’m having a fabulous time celebrating the fact that I got a new job!! I’ve been interviewing with this company for a month now. Over the past few weeks, I met with four people and endured three rounds of interviews.  BUT it was so worth it in the end! I loved everyone I met and I’ll be an internal auditor which is a job I’ve always been interested in. Plus, the benefits are amazing. So I went way overboard and purchased all the books in celebration. The picture to the left is just one of the celebratory hauls.

Been reading a ton! Look for reviews of The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta and Scarlet by Marissa Meyer this week. I just started Lionel Shriver’s new one, Big Brother. It’s my first Shriver and I’m finding a dictionary an essential reading buddy. Next up will be Much Ado About Nothing in time for the Joss Whedon film! Joss Whedon might be my hero.

Short and sweet today! Have a great holiday and a fabulous week!

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