The Sunday Salon: Finally!

TSSbadge2I haven’t posted a Salon in quite sometime – at least not on a Sunday. I’m glad to be back among you Saloners this week! And it was a great week!

Jimmy’s birthday took main priority. So there was lots of movie watching. I’m going to post a June movie madness recap post this Friday to fill you in on all the goodies we’ve seen. We also did a lot of eating (way too much, honestly). Plus, there was the annual poker party on Friday night which was another success if a little low key compared to past parties.


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What has suffered this week is my reading. I was rarely home and super tired when I was. I’ve only managed to finish my audiobook this week and nothing in print.  I’m halfway through The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer and enjoying. Hopefully, I can get it wrapped up shortly and get one more book in before the end of June. Luckily, I have a back log of reviews to write and post. So at least the blog isn’t suffering.

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Can you believe the end of June is upon us? This year is just speeding by. Work is going really well. I finally feel happy at work again. I get my first paycheck Friday! In not so lovely news, I got a jury duty summons in the mail this week for July 9. That’s twice in less than two years. I’m worried because there’s a huge trial happening in July in Dekalb County. I hope I’m not going to be thrown into that bucket.

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I hope everyone’s enjoying their summer (or winter, depending on your hemisphere!). The weather here is alternately amazing and violent. A couple of storms have destroyed houses in my area tossing down hundreds (literally) of huge trees. But the rain has worked wonders for our new plants and the grass is so green!

Sunday’s discussion question:

When hearing the prompt ‘summer read’ which book automatically comes to mind?

8 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Finally!

  1. I hope you continue to enjoy The Interestings. I really liked that one!

    Jury duty! I’m so jealous! Is that weird? I’ve always wanted to be part of that process. I was called up once but I was due with my youngest daughter the same week so I had to pass 😉

  2. ugh – Jury Duty. At least it will give you some uninterrupted reading time, right? Here in NY they are very strict with jury duty – once you are called, you can defer only once and then they subpoena you. But, on the upside, if you are called and serve on a jury or stay for three days without getting put on a jury, you get an exemption from jury duty for six years.

    Good luck!

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