June Movies!


I recently posted a vlog over on my YouTube channel wrapping up all the movies I saw in the theater during June. Nothing fancy, just a quick rating and a couple of thoughts on each. So click below if you want to know how I felt about the following films:

Man of Steel
World War Z
Before Midnight
Much Ado About Nothing
This is the End

The month’s best film award went to a surprising choice!


6 thoughts on “June Movies!

  1. I don’t see movies very often, but I am interested enough in Much Ado About Nothing, Before Midnight, and This is the End to probably see one, two, or all three of them soon. Much Ado About Nothing is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays (there was a time I could recite large portions of it), and I also think that the Before Sunrise series is wonderful.

  2. I’m not surprised by your choice. 🙂 I’ve heard that it was hilarious and I really want to see it. In case, you’re wondering how I got here, I followed your posts back after checking out your latest Sunday Salon post. I was trying to see what you thought of Where’d You Go Bernadette, which I really enjoyed. If you didn’t, that’s okay, but was just wondering what you thought.

    • My Bernadette review will be up something in the next couple of weeks. I flew through it and enjoyed it although I’m not entirely sure it lived up to all of the hype.

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