Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson

9736930Before I Go to Sleep had some promise. It really did. But the plot holes…geez.

The idea was a great one…and terrifying. To wake up daily with no knowledge of your adult life. To wake up thinking you’re still in college or even a child every single day of your post-thirty life sounds more horrendous than almost anything. Losing not only a significant portion of not only your long-term, but also your short-term memory is like being a prisoner trapped in the same repeating hell over and over again with no escape. It’s like Groundhog’s Day gone insane.

So Watson’s idea is brilliant and horrifying and all the things a psychological thriller should be. The execution of her idea, however, was extremely disappointing. So many times I found myself outside of the story pondering whether or not something made actual sense or whether I could even remotely believe in a world where this collective story would be plausible. And that should just not have happened. I should have been drawn in and engrossed from beginning to end without worrying over the plot details. Sigh.

What I will say, however, is that the book is page-turning and intriguing. If you’re willing to completely forego logic or looking at this story at all deeply, Before I Go to Sleep could make a great chilling beach read or some thrilling page turning this Halloween. Tons of readers have enjoyed Watson’s story and a  movie is in the works. I’m actually really interested to see the film because I think it might work better in that particular medium. Plus, Colin Firth.

Additional note on the narrator: I listened to the audiobook version narrated by Orlagh Cassidy. She was a great storyteller with a gentle British accent. She sounded almost motherly, but was able to make minute changes in her voice for each of the characters. A good way to pass a boring commute.

So, have you read Before I Go To Sleep? What did you think? Have any other psychological thrillers impressed you lately or let you down?

17 thoughts on “Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson

  1. I remember liking this one quite a bit. But I do know what you mean about being outside of the story a bit. I think a film could be brilliant. And Colin Firth? HELLO! 😉

  2. The benefit of my brain not being very smart when I’m listening to audiobooks. I tend to not analyze what I’m reading as much while I’m listening (probably because most of my brain is used to just listen). I might have audibly cried out when you mentioned Colin Firth, though. 😉 Off to check it out on IMDB. Once upon a time I heard Nicole Kidman but not sure if that stuck.

    • Mine typically doesn’t over analyze when I listen either, but something about this one just bothered me. Oh well! Looking forward to the movie now where I can at least watch Colin be gorgeous.

  3. This one sounds interesting. Last psychological thriller I’ve read was Gone Girl, and although I liked it, it wasn’t very impressive. I will surely check this out.

  4. I completely agree with you – I was engrossed in this book and found it gripping but really couldn’t care about the main character because I simply didn’t believe most of what was happening to her. Like you, I got bogged down in tiny implausible details.

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