First, a huge congratulations to Grace from Books Without Any Pictures who won my Anniversary Giveaway! She requested a copy of Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane.


Announcement part the second, I’ve officially signed up for RIP VIII hosted over at Stainless Steel Droppings and can’t wait to get started! I love creepy reads! Going to blow past 4 selections and hopefully fill most of the next two months with books that fit the following categories:

Dark Fantasy.


You can see some of my choices in the picture above. It’s my first time participating. Let me know if you’ve signed up and what you hope to read!!

24 thoughts on “Announcements!

  1. It’s my first time participating too! You have a nice pile of books, I read Flynn’s Gone Girl and I think her style is quite dark and thus suitable for the RIP event. I’m going to read Dracula (for the first time ever! – excited), and also a few others (I made a post in my own blog as well).

    I hope you will enjoy the event!

  2. The Thirteenth Tale is one of my favourite books, it’s amazing. I really enjoyed The Historian and The Silent Wife too – you’ve got some good reads right there. I’m not participating (due to the consequences of an over enthusiastic NetGalley requesting spree) but I when I studied gothic horror at Uni I really enjoyed Dracula and Frankenstein.

    • I keep hearing amazing things and Setterfield’s first novel. I wanted to get it read before her newest novel comes out. I’m super excited for all the books I chose. I hope you have some great reads waiting on NetGalley!!

  3. I’ve been wanting to read Flynn for quite a while now, but some book or the other always gets in the way.

    I just looked up the other books on your list and they seem very interesting. I’ve added them to my TBR pile, thanks for the find!

    • No problem! Flynn’s first book, Sharp Objects, is the only thing I’ve read of hers. I wanted to read her backlist chronologically before giving Gone Girl a shot.

  4. I do so love The Thirteenth Tale! Happy to see you’ll be joining us in reading The Historian. And Dracula remains to this day my favorite novel. Thanks for joining us.

    and Congrats to Grace for the win!!!

  5. Dark Places is soooooooo daaaaaark!!!! Modesto Litwits just read it for August. Tough read for being so early in our little club, but fun to talk about!

    • I read Sharp Objects which was super twisted and have heard even darker things about Dark Places. Which makes me squeal with glee. I love dark and twisty. Yay for reading with the Modesto Litwits! Might as well throw them in the deep in right at the beginning!

  6. The Historian and The Thirteenth Tale are both perfect books for RIP! I hope you can get to those. I don’t think I’ll be participating this year but it’s such a great and fun event. Carl is the perfect host.

  7. The Thirteenth Tale is great! I haven’t read The Historian, but I’ve always wanted to. This is my second time participating in RIP and I think I’ll be reading Burial Rites by Hannah Kent and hopefully the new Stephen King (Doctor Sleep).

    • So many glowing reviews for The Thirteenth Tale. Can’t believe I put it off this long. I’ve heard super great things about Burial Rites and can’t wait to read it as well.

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