6 thoughts on “Weekend Reading!!

  1. – Random: I have really similar shelves – mine are from Ikea. 🙂
    – Gillian Flynn’s on my author TBR list – the prospect of her darkness scares me.
    – Lol, loved your Latin!

  2. I enjoy your vlogs! Keep them coming. 6 books to buy per month sounds like quite a few; lucky you! I guess I won’t feel guilty going to the bookstore then. I try to get them at the library but too many people have them on hold. Bahhh! When’s your next movie vlog? Some decent fall ones coming out. Saw the Eric Bana thriller Closed Circuit — it was pretty decent, 3 stars perhaps

    • I wish 6 sounded like a lot to me….lol. I can go a little crazy – especially if I visit Goodwill or other used bookstores. I haven’t been to the movies in a long while now, so haven’t been watching much. Will probably pick up this Fall!

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