SeptembERYE: Week Two

IMG_20130901_071408Gypsies, oh my! That’s the scene that particularly stands out to me from this week’s reading. I’ve been thinking about how this particular development changed my views of Rochester – and I must say they are, on the whole, not improved. It just felt so underhanded and sleazy.  I do think Jane had an inkling what was going on though and was a smart cookie not to divulge too much. She’s quite the clever spirit.

Then there are the Ingram women and the rest of the festive party that come to visit Thornfield. Aren’t they a lovely bunch? Assholes. Some part of me thinks that Rochester deserves Ingram as his bride. He makes such fascinating choices in his wives don’t you think? I can’t help but scream internally at Jane to run away from these vapid, horrid people before she gets in too deep. But since she already claims to love Rochester, I suppose I am much too late.

Jane also journeys back to Gateshead to confront her dying aunt. The Reeds are still pretty despicable, but at least Jane knows she has a relative out there looking for her and who wants to give her MONEY. What will Jane do? I’m glad no one shed a tear (Georgiana doesn’t count) over Aunt Reed. Loved seeing Bessie and her happy, healthy family.

As for the happenings on the third floor? What is this Grace Poole up to? Why the secrets? Why am I asking questions I already know the answers to…haha.

Still absolutely loving the story and loving Bronte’s imagery. Have you noticed how much nature tends to follow or augment Jane’s character? She’s constantly described alongside the moon or the wind or the birds.

Okay! Let me know what about this week’s reading you enjoyed most and what you liked least down in the comments.


14 thoughts on “SeptembERYE: Week Two

  1. “Why am I asking questions I already know the answers to…haha.” – Rub it in, why dontcha! 😛

    Great insights! I thought the gypsy scene was a hoot. I reread it twice and I was like “go Jane!”. My favorite part would be Jane’s return to Gateshead and how she handled herself there. Least favorite part would be any scene with Blanche Ingram. Ugh, I wanted to spin her by her hair.

  2. I love how Charlotte Bronte uses nature to intensify the emotions in the novel. I can so clearly picture what is going on in each scene because she uses such beautiful and vivid descriptions. I can really sense the mood of the novel because of it.

    And yes, the gypsy scene was great! I loved how Jane saw right through that, even if she didn’t know who it was at first, at least she could sense a trick.

    I would have to say that my favorite part, more like favorite chapter, from this week’s reading was during the Thornfield party, when Jane’s image of herself really starts to improve. She compares herself to Blanche, and we know that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others because it just leads to disappointment, but she’s re-comparing herself in a more positive way. Earlier she had been focusing on her negative qualities, qualities that made Blanche Ingram the right and deserving choice to be with Mr, Rochester. Now she’s more confident of herself, even if she doesn’t think she has a chance with Mr. Rochester, at least she’s not belittling herself or giving out undeserved praise to Blanche Ingram.

    And my least favorite scene would probably have to be when we find out that Mrs. Reed hid from Jane that her uncle was wanting to adopt her. How cruel. When she says the letter is dated from three years prior, I immediately thought, “Oh no, I hope he’s still alive!”

  3. Brontë’s imagery and use of nature is absolutely lovely. I’m glad we’re reading the book in the fall. I like to match my books to the seasons, and Jane Eyre is a perfect fall book.

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