Isn’t that such an inspired post title? I’m just filled with all of the creative thought today. #sarcasm

I’ve been mostly quiet on the blog this week because I haven’t been reading – or at least finishing – very many books. And that’s a terrible shame. Bad slump!

Mostly, I’ve either socialized, watched some form of television/film, or read bits and pieces of many things. Notably, I did inhale both Maus (a reread) and Persepolis for book club but won’t chat about those until next week. Still chugging along on Jane Eyre and The Silent Wife.

See, the thing is, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by ALL THE BOOKS. At the moment, I have ten or so books that I need to be reading. There’s The Round House and House of Earth for review – The Easter Parade, Freud’s Mistress, and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children for book club-ish activities – The Historian and Dracula for October/RIP VIII readalongs – and The Goldfinch BECAUSE. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In better news, I’ve had a pretty successful week over on BookTube. See this week’s videos below:

I’m hoping to accomplish a lot in the month of October, but feel like I need some sort of boost or motivation. Despite all the complaining, bookish problems really are the absolute best problems to have.


2 thoughts on “Friday!!

  1. This month has been off for me too. I keep DNFing books, and haven’t had as much time / focus as usual. I’m hoping to get SO much reading done in October! Here’s to us breaking through our slumps!

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