TSSbadge2Not much to say today other than GLORY, GLORY!! Winning a game like Saturday’s terrific bout against a stellar LSU team was just So. Much. Fun. It made me so nostalgic for all the times I stood in Sanford Stadium screaming until I had no voice left and grinning like a madwoman alongside my best friends. Ah…memories.

Like I said, my life isn’t filled with a ton of happenings lately. Just keeping really mellow and enjoying the cooler weather. Haven’t read a ton, but that’s okay. Every mind needs a bit of a break once in a while. Today I have book club and we’re discussing Maus and Persepolis. I think the discussion will be really thoughtful.

October has arrived (soon, anyway) must faster than I expected it to. I love October far more than most months so I’m excited to get into the mood of Halloween. I ordered a collection of Alfred Hitchcock films to enjoy this month and also the 35th Anniversary editing of the film, Halloween.

The hubs is looking to buy a car soon. I can’t begrudge him a new car because he hasn’t owned a car of his own choosing (he’s had hand-me-downs from his parents) in almost 10 years. The lack of car payment has been nice, but he’s a huge car guy so I know he wants something a little more personal – something with a manual transmission at least. He test drove a Cadillac CTS today, but ultimately decided it wasn’t the car for him. Tomorrow he’s test driving a BMW 5-series. We shall see. Obviously, he’s not shopping new cars as we’re huge fans of buying used (and don’t have the biggest of budgets, ha!). He’s looking at cars of the 2007/2008 era with around 30K to 50K miles. I hope he finds something he can enjoy – cars are his hobby like books are mine. As for my car, Ernesto is 6 years old and going strong! I’ll be driving the Japanese Spaniard (don’t ask) until the wheels fall off.


So how are things in your neck of the woods? Any exciting plans in October? Did your football team have a good weekend or did you do a lot of couch coaching and fist shaking?


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