SeptembEYRE: Finale!

IMG_20130901_071408It’s all over, folks. Our dear little Jane Eyre has transformed into Jane Rochester. Now that her marriage plot has ended let’s discuss the last fourth of the novel.

St. John Eyre Rivers. That man has some serious issues, no? He’s described as marble – cold and hard. His marriage proposal to Jane was seriously unsettling to me – all 30 or so pages of it. Some of the things he said about Jane’s character were truly horrible. Do we still like St. John? Do we understand where he comes from and his lack of warmth? Do we agree with his decision to need a missionary companion more than an emotional connection?

I think St. John exists solely as the antithesis of Mr. Rochester. We need to see Jane interact with this man of God to not only get Jane back to Rochester, but also to the get the reader back there as well. I know my final impressions of Mr. R were ones of assholery.

What did you think of Jane’s inheritance? I mostly think it just helps bring Jane closer to Mr. R’s equal. Now that she can support herself and doesn’t need a man, she can marry freely and openly a man of her own choosing.

Back in Millcote, Jane learns that Thornfield has gone BANG in a blaze of fire provided by the ever lovely Bertha (could someone else have done it?). Mr. R has lost a hand, an eye, and his vision. Now he’s finally ready for his dear little elf, Jane. Quickly, they marry and live the happily ever after. What about these crippling events (beyond Bertha’s demise) finally set Jane and Mr. R up for marriage? Are they truly now on equal footing? I’m at least glad R has no need to make Jane into a trophy wife.

As for our supporting cast, I’m glad Jane stays close with her cousins. I’m not surprised St. John meets an early end. Pilot!! So happy to see Adele back under Jane’s guidance. But I was a bit miffed not to have Mrs. Fairfax back. I know she was mentioned, but I wanted to talk with her a bit.

This has been such a marvelous read-a-long! Thanks to everyone who has visited and commented. A HUGE thanks to Kerry for hosting. I can’t wait for more group reading in the future!

RATING: starstarstarstarstar


9 thoughts on “SeptembEYRE: Finale!

    • Whoops! Sorry, I’m commenting through my phone which is not the best method =P Here is what I intended to post:
      I did not like St. John at all, but I did like how he served as a nice foil for Mr. Rochester.
      It’s been nice reading your posts each week! I’ve really enjoyed this read-along, especially since we’ve all been really into reading and having discussions with other bloggers 🙂

  1. “His marriage proposal to Jane was seriously unsettling to me – all 30 or so pages of it.” – 30 or so pages I could’ve done without, let me tell ya! I loved that Jane and Rochester got to be happy with each other (and glad I’m not the only one who wished Mrs Fairfax was back on the scene).

  2. YES! The 30-page marriage proposal was awkward and creepy and generally unsettling. But I agree that St. John was the opposite of Rochester, and in his weird, creepy way, what Jane needed to reclaim her sense of identity.

    So glad you could join for this! Here’s to more readalongs in the future 🙂

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