Currently: October 6, 2013

Time // 2:28 AM – Why am I awake?

Place // Home. In bed. Not sleeping.

Eating // Nada. I had really good pizza earlier tonight from Ammazza in Old 4th Ward. Double date night!

Drinking // Water.

Reading // Just gulped down 60 pages of The Easter Parade by Richard Yates.

Watching // Homeland! Inhaled season two this past week. Totally prepared and caught up for tonight’s newest episode.

Listening // The Black Keys and that Lorde song is addicting.

Pondering // Money and financial matters – YUCK.

Blogging // Have been such a slack ass, but I haven’t been reading that much. Guest posting for Dewey’s tomorrow!

Promoting // Dewey’s!!

Hating // The stresses of OT in college football games.

Loving // Coffee. I’ve finally come to the dark side and now crave the stuff.

Anticipating // COOLER WEATHER. Please? Oh, and lunch with my Litwits ladies today!


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