The Walking Dead: “Thirty Days Without An Accident”


Season 4 premiered Sunday night, and I’m so thrilled this show is back. If you aren’t watching it, you’re missing out. I think it’s one of the best character driven shows on television. The season 4 premiere did not let me down.


Rick’s better but not better…get what I’m saying? He’s now got some sort of gun phobia which isn’t super safe during the zombie apocalypse. You can hardly blame the guy, though, after his son gun downed another boy. In fact, I think Rick is starting to really ponder what effects all the killing is having on humanity, particularly the youngest generation who have now been raised during this violent and horrifying era.

I love that Carol was secretly teaching the children how to use knives. That’s an extremely important survival lesson and safety precaution. But books should still be read, just sayin’.

Daryl is still THE BEST. Everyone treating him like a god was humorous, and I’ll be interested in seeing how his character development plays out through the rest of the season. So many survivors are seeing him as a strong leader now. How will he handle that? Will he let anyone inside his bad boy heart? Beth sure seemed to like her snuggles. Not that I’m suggesting Daryl will be hooking up with Beth. I would not be a fan of that. I could, however, see him becoming a father figure to her after Herschel dies (because he’s got to die and I’m predicting that shiz goes down real soon).

The zombies raining down on the group was fantastic. So bloody and wickedly disgusting. I hated to see Zach go, but it was worth it just to get Beth’s blase reaction. Side note: All of the local Georgia beer brands were awesome! Love seeing so much locally sourced.

I can’t talk about Carl yet. I haven’t made up my mind about his progression from the season 3 finale.

Poor Patrick. A lot of newbies got killed off rather quickly, huh? I know people are freaked out by the prospect of a zombie now residing inside the cell block with our sleeping cast of characters, but they should be able to handle that problem quickly. What scares me is how Patrick died and Violet the pig, too. Something airborne? A flu virus? Another excellent way to show how dangerous life has become way beyond the mere presence of a few undead.

Where is the Governor? Michonne and her trusty horse are the only ones looking. This worries me.

And finally, let’s talk Clara. At first, I thought she was some new sentient zombie/human hybrid and that shit was going to be intense. Instead, she’s just a woman driven crazy by this new society. Understandable. Her keeping her husband’s zombie head in a sack was creepy in the best of ways.  I worry that her ominous mutterings might mean that our characters are about to be haunted by their pasts. Just mo’ problems.

And another thing. I’m so sick of seeing the criticism about how slowly the show is paced. You can’t have action all of the time for 16 hours a season. That would be so tiresome and far too intense (not to mention expensive). The slower moments are there for levity and for the characters to grow and give us time to love them so that we care when they die. That’s how a good story works. CALM DOWN.

5 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: “Thirty Days Without An Accident”

  1. I just watched this last night, I’m so excited it’s back! Clara was SO creepy – at first I thought she was some sort of cannibal or sentient zombie, and I was like “Shoot her crazy ass, Rick!” and of course it was a trap… ugh. I don’t really like the route that Rick’s character is taking right now (no guns, really?), but we’ll see how that goes.

    I LOVE that Carol is being proactive and teaching the kids about knives. That will probably save them later. And I looooved the “it’s raining zombies” scene, although part of me thinks the ceiling should’ve/would’ve caved in a loooong time ago. A helicopter crashing on a roof seems like it would’ve crashed through upon impact, but whatevs. Kind of worth it just to have that scene?

    And of course I still adore Daryl. And I’m liking Carl more and more… I’m glad he’s growing up. He was an annoying little kid at first :-p

    I can’t wait for the next episode!

    • I’m so worried about Rick. His mental state is just all over the place. I felt like this episode is the calm before the storm. I want to like Carl more now, but I’ll reserve judgement for the next few episodes. He annoyed me so much last season.

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