The Walking Dead: “Isolation”


Crazy Rick made a fabulous appearance last night, and he’s managed to find a new shirt. I love crazy Rick.

The plague is taking out our fearless survivors very quickly. I know someone very important to the show is supposed to die in the mid-season finale, and I really hope it’s not Glenn. Why does he have to be sick? WHY??? Perhaps Herschel will take one for the team since he’s loving getting coughed on these days.

I just need more Daryl. He had some interesting scenes with Michonne – I felt some sparkage. Anyone else?

I’m not sure how I feel about Tyrese yet.

I love that Carol was the one who burned those bodies. She’s come to play and win these days at whatever the cost. I’ll be looking to see how her and Rick work together and whether that’s even possible. Will Rick tell anyone else what she did? I wonder what Daryl would do if he found out?

I’m definitely in the camp of people thinking that The Governor has a mole in the prison who is feeding the rats to the zombies. That would just be totally badass.

Despite the zombie horde tonight, this was a quiet episode. I just feel like the tension is building and building until shit is going to explode. I have a feeling none of us will be able to handle what happens mid-season.

The only thing I’m really lacking right now is Daryl. I just want something more for his character. And he needs more screen time. Because of the pretty.


6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: “Isolation”

  1. You really had me laughing when you pointed out that Rick found a new shirt! I pointed that out to my family as well “Thank goodness he has a new shirt to wear”. Wonderful, witty review.

  2. Glenn had better not die! But I think Maggie could handle his death better than he would handle hers… but I just want to them to stay alive and have a cute baby. Daryl & Michonne seem close, but in a buddy way. I really want Daryl & Carol to make out.

    I don’t think Rick will tell on Carol? At least because he cares about her and knows that Tyrese will lose. his. shit. about it, and because she had reasons (though anyone with basic scientific/medical knowledge would know that once two people have died and two people are sick, it’s already too late – quarantine and treatment are the best options in those cases.)

    This was a really quiet episode – it seemed like it took forever just for them to load up the car.

    • Lol on how long it took them to load the car. And the ridiculously superfluous conversation about why they chose the car they chose. Really? Lazy writing, there.

      I’m all mixed up and confused about Carol these days. I think she went a bit too far, particularly if she actually killed these people before they died.

      As for who dies, I’ve been scouring the interwebs for spoilers (bc I NEED to know) and no one seems to know anything. Just a bunch of speculation. But the speculation revolves around 3 main characters. It will cause a shit storm. I’m looking forward to it.

      • I THINK that she did kill them before they died – partly because that was a lot of blood, and partly because she burned them. If they had already died and turned into zombies she wouldn’t have had to try to hide what she did.

        I understand her reasoning, but it was a bad call. Quarantine would have been sufficient.

  3. Finding out Carol was the one who killed them was intense! It’s interesting how her character has changed and hardened throughout the show. I’m curious to see where they’ll go with this.

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