The Walking Dead: “Internment”

There are SPOILERS. Beware.

I’m back! The Governor’s back!

Best episode of the season thus far. Scott Wilson is one bad ass motherfucker. I’m so proud that he grew up in my hometown!! I hope the Emmys notice his performance. I’m slightly worried about his longevity this season, though.

I thought Glenn was a gonner for sure. Maggie is awesome. Sasha has really grown on me. Lizzie is still super creepy.

Rick and Carl were an amazing pair tonight! I loved their scenes.

I’m glad Maggie sided with Rick on the whole Carol issue. Also super happy that Rick told the truth about his banishing her. I only wish he’d told Daryl and Tyreese in this episode so we could see their reactions. Shit is going to hit the fan.

But let’s talk about Philip/The Governor for a moment, shall we? This could be a great, exciting few episodes or a really boring season 3 rehash. I hope whatever The Governor has in store feels fresh and genuinely scary. Whatever it is, I think the prison plotline is DONE. Time to hit the road. I think the next couple of episodes center around The Governor outside of the present story – either back history or what he’s been up to/planning. I’m fairly certain the shenanigans will go down in episode 8 which is the mid-season finale. I am getting nervous as hell.

5 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: “Internment”

  1. I loved Rick and Carl in this episode. Considering how much they both used to annoy me in the earlier seasons, I’m really glad about that. And I can’t wait to see how Daryl reacts to Carol… and Tyreese. He’s going to be pissed, I bet.

    The only thing that bugged me is that people have still not learned to CLOSE THEIR CELL DOORS. Seriously, you’re a bunch of people in immediate danger of dying of illness, why wouldn’t it have been a top priority from the beginning to shut your cell whenever you’re not being seen by a doctor?? GAH. You’d think the last zombie outbreak thing would’ve at least taught them that much…

  2. I’m a TWD fan. I think Michonne needs to take out the Governor once and for all! She should be the one. I’m glad the flu episodes might be ending now b/c I was really starting to get nauseous. Now they can go after the Gov. and who is feeding those Zombies at the gate? The little nutty kid? or what?

    • I don’t know who’s feeding the zombies either. They have been oddly unconcerned about that little problem. I don’t know how I want TG to die or who I want to kill him. I sort of like the idea of a good old-fashioned quick draw sheriff showdown at high noon between him and Rick. But I’d be totally satisfied with Michonne chopping his head off as well.

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