State of Reading Address 2013

imagesI’m not reading. I have no desire or drive to read right now whatsoever. When books glare me in the face I just stick my tongue out at them in childish revenge. My first epic reading slump of 2013 waited until November to rear its ugly head. I’m not sure when it’s going to let go.

I’m currently ‘reading’ three different books. I got halfway into Night Film and couldn’t bring myself to read any more. Then I picked up The Slynx and read two chapters this weekend before realizing my next book club discussion is in just a few days. So I picked up The Song of Achilles (our November pick) and have managed 30-40 pages this week. All three of these books were mostly entertaining in their own way, but the act of reading just isn’t doing it for me right now.

I’d like to blame being busy, traveling for work, or illness. But no. My brain is just not in a literary headspace. Instead, I’ve watched The Walking Dead from the beginning season 2 separate times. And some episodes 3-4 times. I love everything about it, even the flaws.

Confession time: I have actually been reading. When I get super obsessed with a television show (which rarely happens these days), I automatically want to READ about the show since, you know, I like to consider myself a reader. So fanfiction has entered the picture. In a very big way. Almost in a way where I’m so disgusted at how poorly it’s written that I’ve considered writing some myself (I’m a bit cocky). I have a fanfiction past so none of this is surprising. My first forays into the fandom universe occurred during the late nineties during my X-Files days. Mulder and Scully will always be my OTP.

What’s really interesting (to me, not to y’all) is that I ship no one on The Walking Dead. NO ONE. Not even Maggie and Glenn who are in a relationship. As much as I love the characters on the show, I just don’t feel any sexual chemistry between them. So…if I write something I’ll be creating an OC for Daryl (shut up, Norman Reedus pushes all my buttons) and maybe Rick as well. You know, come to think of it, I could totally ship Rick and Daryl…

This is what my days have come to. I go home and watch more episodes, read fanfiction, scour youtube for TWD videos, and then cry myself to sleep. And since I’ve developed this new obsession, I’ve also revisited an old obsession – The Boondock Saints. Have I mentioned Norman Reedus yet? He’s one of the people on my list of freebies (you know what I’m talking about). Jimmy just shakes his head at me, but I suspect he secretly has Norman on his list as well because of the motorcycle thing.

Are y’all still reading? I figure I lost everyone normal a long time ago. I do miss my reading mojo and hope it comes back soon. For those of you who don’t watch TWD, I highly suggest you start. It has its problems every now and again, but the characters and thematic explorations are some of the best on television. I mean, this show gets the highest ratings in the most important demographic week after week. One article I read had to go back like 10 years to find a show that rated higher (American Idol in an early season, I believe). I dig it.

P.S. Y’all totally want to know my other four, right? Daniel Craig, Henry Cavill, Adam Levine, and Jennifer Lawrence (shut up, you know you would too).


14 thoughts on “State of Reading Address 2013

  1. It’s ok; we all get these slumps; I had a bad one earlier this year in July. I haven’t watched the Walking Dead yet (hopefully will start soon) but I know what you mean when you say that when you get obsessed with a show you want to read about it and before you know it all your reading is fanfiction and none of it is that good…. anyway it happens to everyone I think!

    • It does happen to everyone. It just stinks. Trying to force myself to feel a fondness for reading right now is making me hate it even more. I guess I was long overdue for a break.

      • That’s just how I feel whenever I get into a slump too. I’ve learned not to force it as it just leads to frustration. Taking a break when I feel like I need to is what I’ve learned to do; I love reading but I don’t have to do it all the time if I’m not feeling up to it- whenever I feel like reading again the books will still be there!

  2. Recently some friends and I were joking about how we should have a fanfic reading night, where everyone has to take turns dramatically reading the juciest parts of fanfic. With plenty of wine, of course. Also, I’m dying to hear what everyone thinks of Song of Achilles because it takes quite the, um, unexpected turn.

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