The Walking Dead: Too Far Gone (MAJOR SPOILERS)

The-Walking-Dead-Season-4-Episode-8-Too-Far-GoneThe mid-season finale was gutting. I literally screamed at the television in agony as Hershel met his end and cheered in utter euphoria when Michonne’s katana ripped through The Governor’s heart.

The beginning of the episode made me so sick. TG standing there convincing all these people that Team Prison needed to go and that they were baddies. I’m so glad at least Lilly seemed to see through his bullshit. Then in the camper with Michonne and Hershel (such a great scene) I loved Michonne’s “I’m going to kill you” line. Perfection. Hershel was the perfect Hershel. I’m glad he got this moment.

Rick finally told Daryl about Carol. And I think Daryl handled it the exact way that he should have. I never thought Daryl would go running after Carol like some lovesick Romeo. Mostly because I do not ship Daryl/Carol at all. I have a hard time shipping Daryl with anyone period. I like him being a lonewolf. Unless he wants to get closer to Rick….just saying.

What has come to my attention is that Carol may not have killed Karen and David after all. Something about the way things are playing out has me thinking it might really have been Lizzie all this time. And I definitely think Lizzie is doing the rat mutilations. I think Lizzie is a fledgling psychopath and that Carol knows.

Rick’s standoff with the tank was just so horrendously sad. He’s trying so hard and you can see how far he’s come (superb job by Andrew Lincoln). I hated the Hershel beheading. HATED IT. I couldn’t even watch it. I wanted everyone to just stop what they were doing and stab TG a million times.

Could Daryl have been more of a badass this episode? Blowing up the tank and then waiting for Mitch to crawl out of his hidey hole and putting a bolt through his mother effing heart. Didn’t even give him the clean death through the head. LOVED IT.

Rick and Carl’s reunion and finding Judith’s carrier filled with blood? The writers love to just destroy us, don’t they? Carl going apeshit on that walker out of grief was a fantastic moment and Chandler Riggs played it beautifully. I love that they are going to play homage to the comic book for a while with the Grimes boys.

Now that everyone is going to be split up (hopefully not for too long), I’m excited to see how these new dynamics play out. I was getting kind of bored and complacent at the prison. I love our group on the road. What the hell is Tyreese going to do with all those kids (I’m guessing he has Judith as well)? What the hell is Daryl going to do with Beth (please don’t go there TWD)? And poor Glenn is stuck with all the prison redshirts.

February is so far away!!! But the return of the show will make a good 30th birthday gift!

4 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Too Far Gone (MAJOR SPOILERS)

  1. I always love your recaps 🙂 I’m so happy the Governor is finally dead – I was tired of him and his psychotic ways. I agree with you, I don’t think Carol killed Karen and David – there’s something more there for sure. Can’t wait for new episodes (and for more of your recaps and thoughts!).

  2. Man I’m just sick about losing Hershel. That was awful. Why him! The Governor was as nuts as ever. Yeah the ending really leaves everything — up in the air — in chaos. All of them out on the road again. Will they run into Carol? They need to get to a laundromat, ha! (just a little comic relief). February is a long ways away ….

  3. OH MAN, this episode. I have to say… I hope Lilly died (that’s the one TG was shacking up with, right?). I hope she actually hit TG when she shot him, b/c they left that kind of open, but I hope the zombies got her, because she was the epitome of the weak female character who needs a man to take care of her and I just HATED that. I got enough of that in season 1.

    I hope Judith’s not really dead. I mean it would make all of their lives easier and was bound to happen eventually, but I hope she’s not. (She didn’t live in the comics though, so it’s not looking good.)

    And I’m going to take a stand and say that I think that Carol is the one who killed David and Karen, mainly because I think Lizzie would’ve been too weak to drag them out. And because I DO think she’s the one mutilating rats (eww), and don’t psychopaths start with small animals and work their way up? I think that Carl is going to figure out what a crazy threat she is and kill her.

    And in Feb if it comes out that Carol DID cover for Lizzie, I’m going to be eating these words, lol.

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