I’ll Be Back!!

Hiya, lovelies! I’m enjoying my little break from blogging/vlogging/social media more than I thought I would. I have started reading again (slowly, but surely) and hope to have my interwebbing back in full swing by the beginning of 2014. A little vacation never hurt anyone and is my guilt free Christmas present this year. I do miss y’all though, and will most certainly be back.

I still haven’t finished a book since the end of October. I think I’m at 97 on the year which is not too shabby. Book club is this weekend and we’re reading Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares to honor the holiday season. I’m halfway through so I’ll definitely be finishing that one. Another book I hope to finish before the New Year is The Walking Dead Compendium One. I’m reading a bit of it every day. Technically it’s a reread for me (well, up until halfway through The Gov’s storyline). That’s all I’m promising to finish in 2013!!

Other books that I’m hoping to dive into (or finally finish) soon are The Song of Achilles (halfway through), Night Film (halfway through), Snow Country (haven’t started), and Perfection (the new Rachel Joyce – haven’t started). Wish me heaps of luck ‘cause I’m going to need it. Can I make it too 100 books on the year?

In other news, life is moving swimmingly along. Thanksgiving was quiet and peaceful. Jimmy’s family normally eats at our house, but his parents opted for Disney World instead. So we just ended up attending an upscale buffet at a nice hotel in Midtown. We didn’t do any real Black Friday shopping. We did manage to squeeze in a viewing of Catching Fire and holy smokes it was so good! Jimmy even really enjoyed it after not liking the first one.

Anyway, that’s all for now and I’ll be seeing y’all soon. Happy Holidays!!


10 thoughts on “I’ll Be Back!!

  1. Enjoy your break! I’ve been thinking about taking one, too. My reading pace has slowed down a lot (I’m in the middle of several books… when am I going to finish one????).

    Happy holidays!

  2. Happy holidays and I’m looking forward to Southern Lit month with you in January! P.S. I saw your pictures of eating at the Georgian Terrace and it brought back so many memories. That’s where we had my high school prom. 🙂

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