Question Tuesday: What is Your Makeup Routine?

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I’ve had a hate-hate relationship with makeup my whole life. Back when my mom wanted to teach me how to use the stuff, I could not be bothered. Now I’m an adult woman who has survived 30 years being able to count the amount of times I’ve worn a full face of makeup on one hand.

So here’s my question: What is your normal beauty routine each morning? What products are your favorite? Can you suggest a good facial moisturizer for dry skin? Any special tips you have for someone who dreads wearing makeup on a daily basis to make it less painful?

I’m getting ready to overhaul my makeup drawer because everything in it is old and crusty. Time for a new face, 2014!! Thanks in advance for your responses!!

22 thoughts on “Question Tuesday: What is Your Makeup Routine?

  1. I’m the same Brooke. I don’t wear much make-up either and when I do it couldn’t be described as full face. lol! I use a face soap every night and once or twice a week I put an oil(macadamia oil) on after I dry and go to bed. That allows my dry skin to soak it up over night. The next morning my face is luscious. I try to use all natural products and when I do wear make-up I don’t put on a ton. Oh yeah and I never forget to take my make-up off at night. Major error if your trying to improve your skin. Good luck and Happy New Year! Missing you and your videos over on You Tube!

  2. Unless I am going out, or it’s a special occassion/I want to impress someone I don’t wear make-up. However, I do have a lot of it. I have oily skin, so I can’t recommend a good moisturiser for dry. But, I can recommend starting with the eyes, if you are someone adversed to wearing make-up; it’s the easiest thing to apply and the least likely to feel as if something is there.

    Also, instead of full on foundation BB creams can be good, or tinted moisturisers. You’ll want something light otherwise you will feel like your face is caked in good – that’s how I tend to feel anyway.

    My favourite products are my eyebrow pencil and my powder compact, but I rarely use either at the moment.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    • I literally only use lip moisturizer and the occasional mascara if anything at all. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve tried doing my eyes but I come out looking ridiculous (in my opinion).

  3. I’m not a big makeup person so I just do a 5 min face: e.l.f. eyelid primer (supposed to make the eyeshadow stick better), neutral eye shadow, charcoal grey eyeliner (less dramatic than black) on upper and lower lids. I curl my eyelashes and then do black mascara on upper and lower lashes. I cover any blemishes with concealer and do a little bronzer on my cheeks instead of blush. And I’m done! Oh, and totally worth it to buy a brush or two for eyeshadow instead of using the tiny wand they give you. I could use a moisterizer reccomendation too though.

    • I have some eyelid primer, but have never really noticed if it works or not, lol! I think with eye shadow I don’t know what color works best. I always feel like I end up looking like a raccoon or like I’m dying of some terrible virus. So many have told me buy brushes for everything!!

  4. Ugh, I hate make up. My face feels so dirty when I wear it! That said, now that I’m hitting my mid-30s, there are a few places I could probably use some touching up! Yet, I’m pretty sure I still won’t wear anything. It’s just so yucky. lol

  5. I’m SUPER lazy about make-up and hair. Most days I let me hair air-dry – I only blow dry it when I’m trying to look a little fancy. And the only make-up I use consistently is black mascara, and that’s a fairly recent thing (I think I started a year ago or so, because I was trying to look a little nicer for a job). I use eyeshadow once in a while, mostly nude or tan colors.

    And for moisurizer, I use regular old St. Ives lotion. Voila! I’m too cheap to use the fancy stuff, lol.

    • I’ve tried so many moisturizers that don’t work on my skin. I think I might have to dish out the big bucks or start getting regular facials. I’m sick to death of the dryness.

  6. The Sephora at Lenox mall was my best friend!! You can either make an appt for a consultation, or just walk in and beg for help. The ladies that work there are soooooo nice and are amazingly knowledgeable about the products. If you do walk in, they will give you free samples of different products to try, which is awesome cause you can walk out without spending a red cent! If you do an appt, you have to buy a $50 gift card (i think), but you can use it to buy whichever products you really liked. They will spend upwards of 45 mins with you trying different products and teaching you how to put it on. They will literally tailor a beauty routine for you, which is amazing if you don’t know where to start. And they will also probably give you some free samples if you ask nicely. Can’t rave about them enough, they helped me totally revamp my routine and my skin has never been better since I started shopping there!

    • I didn’t know Sephora did consultations, but I do love them dearly. They helped me find the best lip moisturizer I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. I might have to give myself a little birthday visit next month!!

      • Yes, do!! They also have the best perks program around, and if you order anything online, you get to choose 3 free samples! Dangerous… Let me just say, I don’t have to buy mascara for the next 10 years… Or perfume!

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